Saturday Will Begin Later Today

  • American Airlines canceled 600 flights today which is raising a lot of cries.  But…they canceled 933 flights yesterday.  So another way to look at it is that they got 1/3 of their flights back in the air today.  They say all aircraft should be fine tomorrow – though CNN reports it as "tomorrow NIGHT" which says to me that we should expect some flights to be canceled tomorrow too.  If they hold pace I’d expect about 300 flights canceled tomorrow.
  • Least Surprising Revelation Award: Dick Cheney, John Ashcroft and others in the Bush Administration apparently personally approved some of the "harsh interrogation techniques" used by the CIA.  Wow.  What next?  A report that Bill Clinton once pinched a female staffer on the butt?
  • If you really have your heart set on drinking those enriched waters Costco has some Kirkland brand flavored waters that are vitamin enriched but have no calories.  And, like most things Kirkland, are a lot less expensive than their trendy (and surprisingly high-calorie) counterparts.


So I managed to get on the VIP list for the launch party for HawaiiRedMagazine at Pearl Ultralounge at Ala Moana.  It actually wasn’t that hard to get on the list…as a few of you already know I’m the new technology columnist for the magazine. 🙂  And yes…I will be wearing red tonight.


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