…but it was a good party.

So last night Matti and I went to the launch party for HawaiiREDMagazine.  It was a fun event held over at the Pearl Ultralounge at Ala Moana.  The crowd was large and vibrant, the music was good (and loud) and there was a lot of good energy.  We had a lot of fun.  A few random comments…

  • Amber, Heather, Walt, Chrissie, Ian, Ben, Jean, Lauren, Christy, Faye, Ella….it was nice to meet you.
  • Getting into the parking lot was easy.  Getting out of it was a pain in the butt.  Ala Moana chains off most of the exits for some reason so it took us a few minutes of driving around to finally find an exit that was open.
  • Hi Tabitha – no I didn’t forget you. 🙂
  • Smart move by Christy – bringing the laptop so guests at the party could register for the magazine right there.  I think quite a few folks signed up right on-site.

Random Thoughts on a Saturday…

  • I’m pondering an interesting irony.  I finally have a good answer to a question somebody special asked me a few weeks ago…and it’s too late to answer it.
  • In Seattle next week I’m going to check out the gym at the hotel.  If it’s lame there’s a 24-Hour Fitness not too far away and I’m going to be sure to take my membership card so that I can go there.  Also I am planning to do some swimming; either at the hotel or the gym, if I can.
  • A friend suggested using "Low" gear on my Escape as a way to boost mileage.  Apparently this tip was passed down from a Ford engineer.  I’ll give it a try and see if it’s any better.
  • There are articles that suggest that getting more sleep helps folks lose weight.  I’m sure some of that is due to the recuperative power of sleep and that well-rested people can exercise more effectively.  I wonder if a little of it is that people don’t usually eat while they’re sleeping.
  • Sprint has very poor coverage in Ewa Beach.  We’re considering changing to another provider but can’t seem to find one that wants to return our calls.  More irony.
  • Sending along good thoughts to Maureen and her Mom – who recently had to undergo a medical procedure.  At last report Mom is recovering well and hopefully that bodes well.
  • Note to trainer Bob of "The Biggest Loser":  The USA is not a continent. 🙂
  • Note to trainer Jillian of "The Biggest Loser": Will you marry me?  🙂
  • This last week the audience at home got to vote for whether Roger or Mark get to stay on the show.  I went to cast my vote….and bailed out on the process because NBC asked for what I felt was WAY too much personal information.  I’m voting on a TV contest – why do they insist upon having my phone number and address?  I guess I could have given them a fake phone and address…
  • Last "The Biggest Loser" comment – I love that show.  It’s truly a marvelous thing the contestants are achieving.  Most of them are losing nearly 100 pounds EACH during the course of the show.  And they’re doing it thru healthy eating and exercise!  Not some crazy fad or pills.  Great stuff.  I’ll be sad to see the season end and anxious for next season to begin.  Even the theme song inspires me!


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