It’s Summit Time Again

Tonight I head off to Seattle to spend a week at the Microsoft MVP Summit an annual event that MVPs get invited to.  I’ve been to the last few and they’re always enjoyable.  This one will be interesting – I can’t decide if I’m looking forward to it or not.  Of course I’m anxious to see my friends — I have quite a few MVP friends whom I only get to see in person at this annual event — and the technical sessions are always worthwhile.  But there will be other friends (Vince, Sue, and others) who won’t be there and they will be missed.

I have other friends in Seattle, like Becca and hopefully Jen, whom I’m looking forward to visiting with while I’m in town as well. On balance I’m sure it will be a good trip.  But I have to admit that part of me is sort of looking forward to coming home already.

Airplane Food

The way food is being packaged now certainly makes it easier to try and eat healthy on airplanes.  I’m sticking in my carry-on a couple of "100-calorie" packs of snacks that I can eat on-board.  Also I plan to eat a relatively healthy meal here at home, late, so that I won’t have much trouble bypassing the Burger King at the airport and hopefully won’t be as tempted to eat the high-fat brownie (or whatever) that the airline offers.

Even just a few handfuls of Rold Gold pretzels in a ziploc bag can be a good (and fairly healthy) snack.

Drinking Cold Water For Weight Loss

One of the more intriguing theories I’ve heard lately is that you can burn a lot of extra calories by drinking cold water because your body has to burn calories to heat the water up to body temperature after you swallow it.  There is some truth to that – yes, your body DOES have to heat the water as it passes through your system.  However…the amount of calories we’re talking about are really quite small.  Remember that dietary calories are actually KILOCALORIES so it takes 1,000 calories to make what we conventionally think of as a single calorie in dietary terms. 

To bring that into context, if you drink a liter of cold water you’ll burn roughly 20,000 calories to bring that up to body temperature.  But that’s only about 20 calories in dietary terms.  Hardly any, really.  Still 20 calories is 20 calories and cold water is satisfying.  Just don’t think you’re going to melt all your fat away just by drinking cold water.

Thought of the Day

(Courtesy of Lisa; thank you dear!)

Grief is like a houseguest.  At first you need to just welcome it.  Embrace it.  Spend time with it.  Share a meal or three with it.  But make it clear that this is a temporary arrangement.  Grief shouldn’t get too comfortable on the couch.  Sooner or later you need to pack its bags and show it the door.  Mourning is an inevitable process when people suffer a traumatic or difficult loss.  But eventually mourning needs to give way.  It’s not easy when things look dark to recognize that one day things will look brighter, that grief will finally have grabbed its hat and moved on.

And like any houseguest just because grief has gone doesn’t mean you have to forget it.  The person you’re mourning may always be in your heart, even if you’ve allowed yourself to move on.

Someday, hopefully soon, I won’t have anything to say to my ceiling fan anymore.  But today is not that day.  And that’s o.k.  That day is coming.

Sugar Isn’t Free

One of my favorite candy snacks are Red Vines.  And they’re even fat free!  But they’re not calorie-free.  Don’t forget that Red Vines (like most candy) is largely processed sugar.  They’re tasty, but have very little nutritional value and EACH vine has about 28 calories in it.  28 calories doesn’t seem like a lot, but if you sit down and eat a dozen of them (easy to do if you’re watching a movie or something) you’re getting more than 330 empty calories in just a handful of candy.

So yes…I do have a tub of Red Vines on top of my fridge, but I try to stay aware of the nutritional realities of them and limit my consumption a bit.  Knowledge is power.

Slow Shutter Speed?

I’m still waiting for "" to post the photos from the Iroquois Point Triathlon.  The event was two weeks ago and still no photos posted.  What worries me more is that they list an event from early March and don’t have photos for that one up yet either.  That makes me think that it may be early May before we see the photos from Iroquois Point.  Too bad – at the moment I’m sort of inclined to buy one or two of the photos (if they’re good)…but my interest in that will wane with time.

O.K., I need to finish packing now and get ready to head to the airport…


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