Tuesday at Summit

Well…turns out my camera’s SD card was corrupted and the handful or so of photos I took at today’s Summit were lost.  So…I have nothing to show.

And, much of what we talked about and saw today is content that I’m not allowed to discuss.

Just as well, I’m not in a very chatty mood after what has been a sort of difficult day.

This and That

  • Nice to see Ali win on The Biggest Loser.  She ended up losing a total of 112 pounds.  She and Kelly really looked terrific at the final weigh in.  Bernie won from among the contestants who had been sent home and he looked good too.
  • It’s still cool and rainy here.  No big surprise – it’s Seattle.
  • Today’s Summit sessions were really good and it’s been nice to see my friends (especially Kathy, Echo, Erik, Patricia and the Outlook MVPs) but I have to admit that I’m sort of longing for home already.  I go home Saturday.
  • Quick extra word of thanks to Patricia, Maureen, Milly, Steve and Sonya for their kindness and friendship when I need it the most.

Time for me to go to bed.  Tomorrow is a new, and hopefully brighter, day.


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