Seen and Heard at the MVP Summit

  • "You have a blog?!"
  • "Our product SUCKS!" (exclaimed a frustrated PM in jest upon discovering that their product had just corrupted two large data files; and actually it might not have been his product’s fault)
  • "I love that hat!" (Thanks M!)
  • "He’s only pretending to cheat."
  • "What’s the schedule on this?  End of the year?  Next year?  Sometime in the future?"  "Sometime in the future?  Yes.  Definitely."
  • "I think I just saw CS singing ‘I Touch Myself’ on stage." -PE-  "It would be fine if you never said that to me again." -Me-
  • "How is it that you and me are the only two who keep getting better looking every year?" -CS-  "Because we had nowhere to go but up!" -Me-
  • "I give those two guys 4-1/2 minutes to discover that the cute bartender has a boyfriend, give up and walk away."
  • "Diane is me by association!" -KJ-  "Yeah, I’m me by association."  -Me-
  • "Karaoke.  From the Japanese phrase meaning ‘For the love of God, don’t.’" -Me-
  • "Don’t mind us, we’re just casing the bank downstairs.  Just call us ‘Oceans Four’."
  • "Are you a Twit?" (Milly, asking if I use Twitter)

The Biggest Loser Phenomenon

Though a number of people have commented on how fit I’m looking these days let me give some kudos to Echo Swinford, Cheryl Wise, Patricia Eddy and John Eddy as some other attendees here who are clearly losing some pounds of their own and looking great!

A Couple of Photos from Thursday…

Summit 013

Sean O’Driscoll and I at today’s luncheon.  I was reminded that I need to have a discussion with him about Web 2.0, pervasive computing, infrastructure and the dangers of overbuilding a site. (I’m starting that e-mail in another window right now, actually…)


Summit 012

Before I left I ran into Exchange MVP lead Melissa Travers – honestly she ranks right up there with April Spence, Abdias Ruiz and John Eddy as among my favorite MVP leads in the program.

Summit 008 Summit 001

Always good to see Tablet PC MVP Chris Hassler (even though he’s a Broncos fan).  And here’s a nicer photo of Echo…flagging down a friend on the opposite side of the cavernous venue.

After the luncheon a few of the Outlook MVPs took off for a stroll down to Pike’s Place and the waterfront.

Summit 024 Summit 014

We were going to go shopping, but honestly we just ended up sitting in a bar with a view of the lake enjoying hot chocolate, Irish Coffee, chips and salsa.

O.K., time to get dressed for dinner…


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