Seattle Wrap-Up

O.K., I got home last night, got a decent night’s sleep and I’m quickly settling into my comfortable routine.  It’s nice to be home.

Here are a couple of last pictures from Seattle…

Summit 076Summit 075

The same purple tulips from the day before (these are in John and Patricia’s back yard by the way).  Notice no snow on the ground on Saturday.

Summit 072

A picture of John taking a picture of his food at the Jolly Roger on Saturday.  It’s not that weird – I was doing the same thing.  Bloggers, go figure.

Summit 068 

From the "Wow, that’s a good CRM app" department — did the Sheraton know something?  Stocking my mini-bar with way overpriced Hawaiian chips?  (No, I didn’t eat them) (No, I didn’t eat the overpriced M&Ms either).


Summit 057Summit 050

John’s houseboat.  It’s for sale, by the way…


Summit 028

Two of "Ocean’s Four" getting a workout after drinks along the waterfront on Thursday.

O.K., that’s all from Seattle.  Time to move on…easier said than done in some respects.


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