The Hotel Workout…

Inspired by my Sheraton workout on Saturday I’ve decided to try something new here at home…

I usually park over at Kapiolani Park for my long runs and then run some variation of Kahala to Downtown and back to the Park (anywhere from 9 to 18 miles typically).  Well, that takes me down Kalakaua Ave in Waikiki which is the main drag full of big hotels.

So…starting tomorrow night (if I can make the schedule work) I’m going to park at Kapi’olani, run down into Waikiki, and when I reach the first tall hotel (I’ll probably skip the Moana Surfrider because it’s only 3 or 4 stories tall) I’ll go in, find the staircase, run to the top and back down and then back out to the street.

So far so good?  It gets better…

From there I’ll continue to the next hotel (probably right next door) and do it again.  And then the next hotel…and the next.  Until I reach the end of Waikiki.  That will be a LOT of stairs.

Realistically the first day I’ll probably do one or two hotels then just run the street to the end of Waikiki and back.  Each time I do the workout I’ll try to add one more hotel.  And I probably can’t do it too often…otherwise hotel security might get unhappy. 🙂

Can’t start tonight, though.  Planning to do a swim workout with Joe tonight.


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