Thursday Thoughts

  • A quote from the "Oh no he didn’t!" department. 

    "He (President Abbas) rejects the idea of using violence to achieve objectives, which distinguishes him from other people in the room."
    -George W. Bush-

    Do you suppose he was referring to the guy who invaded and occupied a sovereign nation which posed no real threat?  Sort of makes me wonder…who else was in that room!?

  • Tip for the ladies…please don’t leave us guys hanging.  Now before you get the wrong idea let me be a little more specific.  One of the harshest things you can do to your man is call him in the mid-morning and say, with a serious tone, "We need to talk."  That’s rarely good news for us because it almost always means that we need to talk about something WE’VE done wrong.  We almost never have to talk about how you want to go to the football game, want more sex or think we should buy a bigger TV.  So now that you have us dreading the conversation to follow you continue "…but I have to go now so we’ll talk when you get home from work."  Great.  So now we get to sit here and stew about it all day long.

    Please.  Do NOT tease us with a serious conversation topic…then disappear.  Don’t ask "Can I say something?" then immediately have to hang up to go into a meeting without saying what it was you needed to say.  That’s just cruel.  And if you HAVE to do that then when you’re done with your meeting call us, send us an e-mail, Instant Message us, text us, Western Union, smoke signals, carrier pigeon…something to let us off the hook.  With cell phones and speed dial it’s almost impossible to not call.  If we care about you at all then we’re probably assuming the worst.  "She hates me?"  "She wants to move out?"  "She accidentally ran over my dog?"  WHAT!?

  • From the Department of New Math.  In an e-Discovery article I was reading today the author said "One in three (28.9%) administrators admitted they were not aware of the new regulations."  I realize the author is simplifying, but 28.9% is closer to one in four than one in three.  Minor infraction.

Quick Restaurant Review:  Los Garcia’s on Oneawa in Kailua.  Mexican food.  Very friendly service though he had a lot of trouble getting the order right.  He insisted upon carding my companion which might have been flattering except she’s a regular there and though she is quite pretty and youthful I don’t really think anybody would seriously believe she’s under 21.  I guess he was just doing his job.  The food was fine; Michelle really liked the Guacamole Enchiladas.  It’s a nice atmosphere, except for the semi-busy street, parking is problematic and the price was fine.  I’d give it a 7 out of 10 and would eat there again given the opportunity.

Next Travel: O.K., next trip is booked.  Off to Santa Fe for another ABA meeting in mid-May.

Today’s Workout: Just got back from a short course run which I modified by adding an extra long block just for the extra little bit of distance.  I’ll do some core strength work today, and tonight I may do another, longer, run.  No, I haven’t had a chance to try the Hotel workout yet and to be honest I’m battling time and enthusiasm constraints right at the moment.  Maybe this weekend – I’ve been considering an ocean swim workout for Saturday morning and I’d already be on that side of the island if I did that.


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