Haleiwa: T-1

So tomorrow I’m doing the Haleiwa Metric Century Ride – it’s a 100K (62.5 miles) bike ride.  Technically it’s not a race because there’s no prize for finishing first (not that I expect to finish first) but I will be keeping an eye on the clock – this isn’t a casual pedal around for me.  I have a goal time in mind.

Who’s That Girl?

I have a riding partner for this one.   I’ve been bike training on my own and had planned to do the ride on my own too but as it turns out I’ll have company.  One of the fastest woman cyclists I’ve ever met actually…Jill.  Yes, that Jill.  My ex-wife.  Mo (her new husband) can’t make it for this ride (I assume he has to work) and she’s got a new Bianchi she wants to get on the road.  So we’re going to meet up in Haleiwa and do the ride together.  I only hope I can keep up with her!

Looking Ahead – San Diego Marathon

I’m trying not to look past Haleiwa, but I’m suddenly quite aware that San Diego Marathon is coming up in just 5 or 6 more weeks.  June 1st.  That means I’ll only have at best 3 weeks to train for it and I don’t feel like I’ve had a great month of training (for various reasons).  I don’t think I’ve lost anything, but I don’t think I’ve improved in my distance running this month either.  So I really need to crank it back up starting this coming week and get out there and start piling up the miles.

And of course a few of my training days will be in Santa Fe – where I’ll definitely need to get some running done.

My other goal for May is that I want to try and drop a few more pounds.  Between the modest workouts and the comfort food I’ve held steady in April – haven’t gained a pound or lost a pound.  Before San Diego I’d like to drop 3-5 more pounds, which should also improve my time.

I’ll talk more about San Diego after tomorrow, but last year I ran 5:46.  In L.A. I ran 5:25:15.  Obviously I’d love to break 5:25 but I’m not sure how the courses compare.  At the very least I want to break 5:46 (last year’s time).  I have a "fantasy" time in mind too, but I’m not going to confess that one to just anybody. 🙂

Other Saturday Notes

  • Today is about trying to get some author review done on my Outlook book which I’ve fallen a bit behind on this week, resting, watching the NFL Draft and this afternoon I’ll try to attend Brian’s Trail Training orientation meeting.
  • Saw "21" yesterday.  Good movie.  I like movies that emphasize the power and utility of math and Lawrence Fishburne is one of my favorite actors.  I think Kate Bosworth is very cute but I’m not sure she’d be the hottest girl at MIT.  I liked her in Blue Crush.
  • Times Markets here in Hawaii are now running ads with "real people" talking about how much they love Times.  Times recently had a labor dispute including pickets from employees.  I can’t help but notice that all of the "real people" in their ad are locals.  I notice demographics that way.
  • Speaking of commercials: I don’t care how frost-brewed the Coors is, or how cool the new can is, if I had a woman who looked like that on my couch there’s no way I’m going to go over to Brad’s to "vent" with a bunch of guys. 
  • And on the subject of lovely women (I’m all about the segue today) a quick note to Maureen: Have a safe trip to Dallas today!
  • Speaking of travel – it was pointed out to me last night that my Santa Fe trip is in two weeks.  TWO WEEKS!  Good grief.  I just got back from Seattle.  Feels like I spend half my life in airports.
  • Today’s Mood: Pensive
  • Today’s Workout: Some core strength work this morning and probably a short easy run this evening.


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