im in ur friday, owning ur browser

(at least for the next 40 seconds or so)

"You can’t always get what you want."

  • Had to cut last night’s run a little short.  I had hoped to do a bit more than 10 miles and ended up doing a bit more than 9.  Plus I pressed a little too hard.  Two reasons:
    1.  I had forgotten that I had softball practice last night so I needed to get the run done in time to scurry over to the field.
    2.I started my run through Waikiki and as I’ve mentioned before it’s sort of hard for me to maintain a sensible pace with all of the pretty tourist girls smiling at me as I go by.  Vanity run amuck, I guess, but I do tend to move a little faster than I should – don’t want them to think I’m a slow fat guy.

    Next long run will be Sunday morning – planning to do about 15 before my softball game.  I’ll undoubtedly do a short course run later today though.

  • Had lunch at Zippy’s yesterday. (Large Saimin with no egg and no fishcake) and noticed that they don’t put the sweetener packets on the table.  You have to ask for them and they bring you a tiny bowl with a bunch of Equal (or whatever) in it.  I was wondering why they did that and figured that maybe they are saving the labor of having to restock dozens of sweeter containers, saving the money of buying dozens of sweetener containers and perhaps eliminating or reducing "loss" by people who might just take the packets of sweetener home. 
  • Add Zippy’s:  Rather than refill your iced tea like most restaurants do, the waitress at Zippy’s brings you a whole new iced tea in a new glass.  That seems fairly wasteful – more glasses to wash.  Also I tend to put two packets of sweetener in a new glass of iced tea, but just add one packet when they refill the glass.  So I use more sweetener when they keep bringing new glasses.  I think I could spend a week just studying and pondering the procedures at Zippy’s  – must be the retail anthropologist in me.
  • I finally got around to mowing my back yard.  And I found a BBQ Grill!  <rimshot> (No, not really.  I knew where the grill was already)  I sort of dread mowing, but it does feel good to finally be taking care of that area of my house.
  • Hurray for John and Patricia, running to raise money for diabetes research!  You can sponsor them (and you should) by going to, clicking the donate button, finding a participant and entering either John Eddy or Patricia Eddy.  Yes, I already did.


Quote of the Day

"To fear love is to fear life, and those who fear life are already three parts dead."
     -Bertrand Russell-


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