Like the Phoenix From the Ashes

Today I woke up feeling almost normal.  What a relief.  Looking around my house this morning it looks like a sick person has been living here for a week.  Thankfully now that I’ve got a little energy I was able to make short work of putting my kitchen back together and I’ve got the first load of laundry churning away in the washer right now.  I’m part way thru my stack of paperwork, I took most of the accumulated recycling out to the garage and I’ve started the sprinkler in the backyard to water the grass.  Feels good to be productive again.  A few Thursday things…

  • Finalized my Santa Fe trip today.  Nothing like planning ahead, eh?  Actually worked out fine; I didn’t get into the conference hotel, but I actually got a much better deal at a nice place that shouldn’t be too far away.  And I have a car anyhow, so I don’t care that much if I’m a 5 or 10 minute drive from the conference hotel.  I’m actually looking forward to this trip.  I’ve never been to Santa Fe before and my friend Randi and I have talked a bit about doing some sightseeing and maybe checking out some live music while we’re in town.  This’ll be my first meeting as a member of the ABA TechShow planning board, a chance to reunite with some friends and explore a new place.  Sounds like just what the doctor ordered right now.
  • Sometimes I remind myself that I am a geek.  I love Outlook’s Tri-Fold calendar printout.  When I’m on the go I find it a very efficient way to help me manage my day.  So to make my life slightly easier I wrote a little utility that automatically prints today’s Tri-fold (I call it the "Daily Sked" because that’s just how I roll) at 5AM each weekday morning.  When I come downstairs to start my day, my "daily sked" for that day is waiting for me on the printer.  It looks like this:

and is printed landscaped on a single sheet of paper.  The left hand panel is my daily agenda, the middle panel is my overfull to-do list and the right hand paneI shows my week-at-a-glance.  I typically fold it into thirds along the panel lines, then fold that down in half to make a square that fits very nicely into a pocket.  On the back I can write notes during the day: action items, reminders, phone messages, etc.  Later in the day or that evening I can transcribe those notes into the appropriate system for keeping or action.

Some of you may be wondering why I don’t just use my handy Windows Mobile device for this…well…I do a little.  Calendar is one area that I sometimes use the WM device.  But, honestly, the paper is just faster and more utilitarian generally.  I can scribble on it more easily and unfolded it’s 8.5×11 which is a lot easier to work with than the little screen on my Treo.  It’s easier for me to just scribble quick notes to myself, on the paper.  Honestly….just a little better experience.  I l love my Windows Mobile device for my e-mail, syncing up my contacts/calendar and occasional web browsing.  But general time management and note-taking is still a bit easier with my Daily Sked printout.  Maybe my next WM device will change my mind about that.

I used to three-hole punch these at the end of the day (or, more likely, after too many of them had stacked up on my desk) and file them away in a binder for future reference.  The problem was that I found that there never was any future reference.  Everything really interesting on the pages was already in the computer in a far easier to search format and I just didn’t have any need to keep all of those archived daily skeds.  So now I just shred them after I’ve retrieved all of the useful data from it. 

Anyhow…if anybody would like a copy of my little "DailySked" utility I’m happy to give it to you.  It works with Outlook 2007.  Note that I’m offering it "as is" without modification or customization (or warranty or guarantee).  If you want me to customize it for you I’m happy to do that at my usual hourly rate. (for my mom: half price. <wink>)


  • Back when I was in China in October the Olympics was a dominant theme there.  Almost everybody I met was talking about it. (and a surprising number of them were talking about it in ENGLISH!)  They had banners up all over the place promoting the upcoming Olympic games.  There was clearly a lot of excitement there around it – and I don’t even think the city I was in (Qingdao; named China’s 9th most livable city by China Daily by the way) will be hosting many of the events.  As I understand it Qingdao (a major port) is hosting the sailing events but that’s about it.


Quote of the Day

"Faced with what is right, to leave it undone shows a lack of courage."

Today’s Workout (Yay!)

Yes, I think there may actually BE a workout today, at long last.  I’m planning to try a short course run tonight and see how I feel.  I finally don’t feel achy, but I still have a bit of a cough.  If I can get my lungs cleared up that will be a big help.  And then tomorrow and thru the weekend a series of substantially longer runs.  San Diego Marathon looms and this past week has NOT been productive. (except that I’ve lost 5 more pounds)


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