Well, it’s Friday again that means a lot of things, such as…

  • It’s RST Movie Day again.  Taking the whole company to see "Iron Man" today.
  • Randi has arranged for us to take in some live music in Santa Fe next week and I’ll be seeing Pat Benatar in concert in San Diego in a few weeks.  Some of my other favorite musical artists like Lili Haydn, Barenaked Ladies and James Taylor are performing this summer and I’ve been checking their tour schedules against my travel schedule (I’m in Seattle in late June, Chicago in mid-July, L.A. in August, etc.) to see if I might be able to catch one of them performing live.  So far no luck, though Maroon 5 in Tampa in October caught my eye and I know Lili is based out of L.A. so maybe she’ll have an August show there I could attend.

    Trivia: Lili Haydn was a junior high school classmate of mine.  I can only hope I’ve aged as well as she has.

  • In a previous post I mentioned an article on voting machines and election technology that I’d written.  I’ve reposted it here.
  • I’ve found myself watching a lot of Food Network lately.  Of course just because I’m watching cooking doesn’t mean the retail anthropologist in me is sleeping – I couldn’t help but think it odd that they’d run a Kraft Mac & Cheese ad in the middle of Iron Chef.  I could be wrong but I would think that regular viewers of Food Network and shows like Top Chef or Iron Chef are probably, at least to some extent, foodies who might turn up their noses at it.  Then again, I was watching and I’ll willingly admit that I love Mac & Cheese.
  • Bachelor Tip: If you tend to dump your basket of clean laundry on the bed in order to fold it and put it away….don’t leave it there ’til the end of the day.  For some reason I do that a lot and just don’t seem to learn.  Often I forget about it until I’m ready to go to bed.  I stagger upstairs, tired and looking forward to a good night’s sleep, and find 10-15 minutes worth of laundry folding waiting on me just so that I can get into my bed.  ARGH.
  • I’ve pretty much decided that Honolulu WILL be my December marathon this year.  I’m already registered for one thing and I feel a lot of responsibility towards Brian and my running team.  I’ll want to get out there and lead my group yet again – for some of them it will be their first marathon and it does give me a lot of satisfaction to cheer them through that great accomplishment. There are a couple of other reasons I’m not willing to confess here right now but anyhow – I’d say it’s 99% likely that Honolulu will be my December marathon.
  • The government of Burma/Myanmar has finally agreed to let U.S. relief supplies into the country….on Monday.  Monday?  Today is Friday.  O.k., in Burma it might be Saturday but still…that means that victims of the cyclone have to wait another 48 hours or so for relief?  Those people are sick, injured and starving.  Some of them aren’t going to live 48 more hours without help.  Why the delay?  U.S. supplies are already staged in neighboring Thailand.

Today’s Workout:  Still feeling a touch of the cold but I’m determined that I do need to get a run in today.  So I’ll do a short-course run later on today, probably this evening.  I’ll probably try to do some core strength work before I leave to go to the movie.

Quote for Today

"He felt that his whole life was some kind of dream and he sometimes wondered whose it was and whether they were enjoying it."
-Douglas Adams-


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