Live, From Ewa Beach, It’s Saturday Night

Still not quite 100% so didn’t feel like going out.  So tonight I went for a run, then cooked some dinner.

The Run

Decided to do a short-course run tonight, about a mile longer than the run I did yesterday.  I know where my lungs are – still a little flemmy but slowly improving – but I was concerned to test my legs and, specifically, hip flexor.

So I headed out for my short course into a nice Hawaiian night.  I was feeling a cool sprinkle falling on my shoulders and couldn’t help but look around to see if a nearby sprinkler was running.  The sky was a lovely dark blue and the teal and purple remnants of the sunset were hanging on the western horizon and there were very few clouds in the big sky.  So where was the rain coming from?  Beats me, but it was sort of nice.

I once met an SR-71 pilot and he told me the Blackbird was a real pig to fly at low speeds and low altitudes.  Get her up at altitude and above Mach 2 however, and all the seals swell up nice and she just goes like a bat out of hell.  That’s sort of how my body felt tonight.  For the first half mile I felt out of sync, my hip hurt, my legs weren’t sore but didn’t feel right.

After about half a mile though, I warmed up and started to find my stride.  My hip started to feel o.k. (not great, but o.k.) and for the next couple of miles I played around a bit with my speed.  "Fartlek" is the funny Swedish word meaning "speed play" and I’m not sure what I was doing was fartlek exactly, but it was good.  Hips forward and back, a few adjustments in my posture, faster and slower I played around gauging my body a bit.  Surprisingly what started to fail me wasn’t my hip or my legs…but my stomach.  I started to get some discomfort in my stomach, illness-related no doubt, that convinced me to stop goofing around, settle back into my usual stride, and just take it around the course and get home.  So I did.


Once home, a quick shower and change of clothes, then it was time to cook some dinner.  I was trying something new tonight: a vegetarian fettuccine with greens and caramelized onions.  This was extra tricky because I was working with a number of ingredients/techniques I’d never worked with before:

  • I’ve never cooked with kale or swiss chard before.
  • I’ve never tried to caramelize onions before

I started off slicing onions, which went fine, except I began to suspect that I had way too many onions.

Cooking 006 Cooking 010

So I made my first improvisation of the evening and took out about 1/3 of the onions.  That worked out just about right as it turns out.  Onions caramelized (I hope) it was time to add the broth and the vegetables.

Cooking 014Cooking 012 

The broth didn’t reduce quite as predicted and what I learned is that my stove is not that great.  I have to say that I’m not especially impressed with the GE appliances in my new place.  Too bad I’m a renter at the moment – I’m tempted to just replace the appliances at my expense and making them a gift to my landlord.  We’ll see.  Anyhow again, I was improvising.  Finally with the vegetables simmering in the broth it was time to cook the pasta.  It all timed out perfectly, and finally the finished product took shape.

Cooking 018 Cooking 020

For a first try at this dish I would say it came out pretty well.  Would have liked just a bit more flavor – maybe a pinch more salt next time.  But pretty good and I have some leftovers for tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow.  It’s tomorrow.  And I need to go to bed.  Good night all and Happy Mother’s Day!


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