Santa Fe – Day 1

Hola from New Mexico.  In Santa Fe for the rest of this week attending the ABA Law Practice Management meeting. 

Travel to the event was relatively uneventful though I did have a V-8 moment in Honolulu.  I got smart and did Hawaiian Airlines curbside check-in BEFORE I took the truck over to Park & Ride.  To check in I showed my driver’s license, of course, but apparently when I got back in the car I put my driver’s license on the passenger seat.   That would have been o.k. except that it was still sitting there when I got into the security line. 

A quick phone call back to the Park & Ride guys brought the shuttle bus quickly back around – back to the car, retrieved the license, back to the terminal all in less than 10 minutes.  Plenty of time to catch my flight.

Hawaiian 10 to L.A. was largely uneventful; the lady sitting next to me had a teacup Yorkie in a carry-on and it was adorable.   Every now and then it would yip very quietly, but for the most part it just sat quietly in its carrier.

Once in L.A. my folks swung by the airport to pick me up and off to In-N-Out Burger we went for delicious cheeseburgers.

Watson, Come Here, I Need You

My father and I exchanged pleased glances when my mother whipped out her cell phone to call my grandparents.  I don’t expect her to become an avid mobile user ("OMG!") but it was great to see her comfortable with the technology so that in those events when she really needs it, she feels like she can use it.

Back to the airport I caught a mostly-empty United Express flight to Albuquerque.  Another uneventful flight; I spent most of the flight chatting with a very pleasant young lady named Cassie who is a budding restaurateur.

Finally into Albuquerque I got over to Avis for the regular "What Car Do I Get This Time" game.  They were all out of mid-size so they upgraded me to…a minivan.  Something about driving around in a Dodge Caravan makes me feel like a soccer mom.  At least it came in handy (more on that momentarily).

Got to my hotel around 1AM and checked in.  It’s quaint – really a motel – and rather 1978.  But it’s clean, well-maintained, has free WiFi access and cost about half what the conference hotel (just a mile down the road) cost.  Unfortunately my cough is still causing problems.  I got to the hotel around 1AM but by the time I settled into my room, logged in and synched my e-mail and got cleaned up it was 2:30 before I got to bed.  With a 7AM wake-up call looming I was resolved to not getting much sleep – but for the first couple of hours what sleep I did get was frequently interrupted by annoying coughing fits. 

So the morning came and I got dressed and headed over to the Hotel Santa Fe for the first day of meetings – sleep deprived or not.  The day went fine, meetings, luncheon, meetings…then in the evening we had a reception at the New Mexico Museum of Fine Art.  The crowd was fun and we got to tour the ground floor of the museum, which features one of Georgia O’Keefe’s landscapes of New Mexico.

Post-reception the real fun began – Randi, John, Paul and I piled into the Caravan and drove out to Santa Fe Brewery to spend the evening listening to a hot young bluegrass band.  Randi and John are SERIOUS music enthusiasts to the point where they have all kinds of inside stories about different bluegrass bands, know a lot of the musicians, attend festivals…they really know their stuff.  I don’t have that much experience with bluegrass music, but the music was good and the company was fun.

End of the evening I took Randi back to her hotel (Emma is being very useful here in Santa Fe as well) and staggered back to my room for what was going to be yet another fitful night of sleeping and coughing.

Quote of the Day

"He who is in love is wise and is becoming wiser, sees newly every time he looks at the object beloved, drawing from it with his eyes and his mind those virtues which it possesses."
   -Ralph Waldo Emerson-


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