The Turquoise Trail


At the Albuquerque Airport enjoying their free WiFi and quaint but comfortable charging stations while I wait for my flight home.  Decided to take the scenic route back down from Santa Fe today so we took the Turquoise Trail back down to Albuquerque.  Turned out that Randi’s flight was just an hour before mine so we decided to carpool and it was great to have the company on the drive.

Santa Fe 004 Santa Fe 030

Great views along the way, lots of cyclists doing the Santa Fe Century Ride and we stopped at the Tocororo Cafe in Madrid for brunch.

Santa Fe 028 Santa Fe 029

I can heartily recommend "Annie’s Pancakes" which are apparently made with cottage cheese (though I didn’t detect any) and come with a lovely berry compote.  Randi had an omelette which she said was quite delicious as well.

Rolling into Madrid I instantly had a sense that it looked familiar.  Moments later I saw some posters and other memorabilia that confirmed that it was the setting for much of the movie "Wild Hogs" starring John Travolta, William H. Macy (husband of Felicia Huffman and thus one half of the "F.H. Muffman" duo), Ray Liotta, Tim Allen, Marisa Tomei and others.

Leaving Madrid we were treated to more lovely scenic views of the New Mexico desert before finally getting onto interstate 25 and rolling into the Albuquerque Sunport (they don’t call it an "airport" here) right on time for Randi to catch her flight back to Sarasota.

The Book Looms…

Though there are some last-minute questions about what the actual title of the Outlook book is going to be, the ball is rolling fast now.  I suggested we name the book "The Davinci Code" but apparently there are some issues with that.  Tim said he expects we could start receiving printed copies of the book in the 3rd week of June.  Now I just have to hope it sells more than 6 copies. 

Hurray for P & J!

I was notified via text message this morning that Patricia and John beat the bridge in today’s run!  HURRAY!  Great job guys and great event – raising money to help fight juvenile diabetes.

New Mexico Moments

  • "They’re small, take two."
  • "Rockin’ Randi!"
  • "Would you like some tea?"
  • "Thank you Emma" (said in unison)
  • Getting to watch music enthusiasts talk excitedly about bands and artists I’ve never heard of.
  • "It’s brown and tan and beige."
  • "Well, he didn’t say ‘no’ yet." (He said "no" the following day, <sigh>)


Quote of the Day

"Courage is being scared to death – but saddling up anyway."
-John Wayne-


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