San Diego Marathon: T-2 Days

Not much new to report – I’ve arrived in Los Angeles.  Slept the entire flight over which was great and now I’m visiting with my parents.  A few random questions and acknowledgements.

  • Thanks to many including LW, JC, CT, BD, MA, PE, RB and others for their wonderful words of encouragement.
  • Tomorrow (Sat) will be an early morning and a long drive down to San Diego but I’m looking forward to it.  I suspect that getting into SD, into that environment, getting to the Expo will really boost my enthusiasm.
  • No luck finding new New Balance 817 shoes in L.A.  Guess I’ll just have to wear my existing one-dots on Sunday.  That’s a little disappointing but should be o.k.  My existing shoes don’t have that many miles on them.
  • I am taking a lot of photos but won’t be able to post any of them here until after Tuesday.  Why?  Because I suspect the SD card reader in my tablet PC is corrupting my photo images so…for the time being I’m only uploading pictures to my desktop computer.  Tuesday and Thursday should see a lot of new photos posted here and on Facebook.

General News and Notes

  • The nice folks at Avis upgraded me to a beautiful red Sebring coupe complete with Sirius Satellite radio.
  • I’m tired of skipping dessert…Sunday there will be dessert.
  • Not at all surprised to see Spike sent home on Top Chef.  As I predicted it came down to Lisa vs. Spike to see who would go home.  Now we have to see on the finale who wins it all.  I think any of the front 3 (Stephanie, Richard or Antonia) have about an equal shot at it.  Don’t count Lisa out but she has been on the bottom of Judge’s Table at least 5 times so she’ll really need to excel.

O.K. off to bed for me.


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