Working For (or on) The Weekend

Spending much of today working around the house or taking care of a few things for work.  A few random weekend thoughts…

  • Went for a run last night – just an easy 3 miler.  First run since San Diego Marathon and it felt good.  I’m about 99% health-wise now and it felt great to be able to run AND breathe at the same time.  I could definitely feel my lack of training lately, but felt well-rested and ran without pain.  Time to get back into my regular training program.  Maui Marathon is coming up on September 14th.
  • Started watching "The Next Food Network Star".  Feels like a poor-man’s version of "Top Chef" but it’s entertaining and should tide me over until Top Chef or Biggest Loser comes back on. 
    • Cory was the first to go but she needed to – she might be a good cook but her on-camera presence was not very good for a woman who is supposedly a comedienne.  In fact she’s supposed to be a comedienne but I don’t think she said or did anything funny that whole episode.  Maybe it got edited out.
    • Lisa isn’t going to last long.  She’s a quirky bird; all style and has that sort of pretentious nature that causes her to use extravagant and often foreign verbiage when diminutive mots would be sufficient. 
    • Alton Brown made an excellent point when one of the contestants said he was understated because he "wanted the food to speak for itself."  Brown said "Yes, but this is food TELEVISION."  The audience can’t taste the food, it’s up to the presenter to make it come to life for them.   Food speaks thru flavor, aroma and appearance.  Two of those three things don’t translate well over television (and you can guess why I’m not a big fan of "food radio"). 

      This show IS a little different from Top Chef in that this show is at least partially about personality in addition to cooking.  At Top Chef you just need to be the best chef and do the best in the competitions – you don’t have to be a sparkling television presence.Cooking 006

  • Speaking of food – yesterday I made a new dish – a grilled vegetable dish with three different kinds of marinated peppers, some mushrooms and tomatoes.  It was an experiment and I basically chopped a bunch of vegetables I had in the fridge, marinated them in a homemade experimental marinade, tossed them on the grill for 3 minutes and put them in a bowl.  It wasn’t bad, though it was a little on the sweet side.  Next time I might add rice, onions or bean sprouts or … something else.
  • I get to stay home for a couple of weeks – then off to Seattle around the 19th or 20th.  I’m reminded of something my mother told me was in Bob Hope’s autobiography – that he knew he was traveling too much when he was about to leave on a trip, went to say goodbye to his young son and his son said "Goodbye Mr. Hope."

Today’s Workout – Doing some core strength work this morning; have a softball game at noon, and planning a nice run this evening.  Probably a 5 miler, but we’ll see how I feel.  The time off has me feeling a little too soft right now, so I’m anxious to get back in my routine.

Quote for the Day:

"Only I can change my life.  No one can do it for me."
   -Carol Burnett-


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