Hey Now, You’re An All-Star, Get Your Game On, Go Play

Smashmouth 017So…last night went to see Smash Mouth in concert at Aloha Tower.  Go Jimmy Go was their opening act, but we didn’t show up for that, actually, preferring to relax outside with some cold drinks before going in to see the main attraction. (no offense to Go Jimmy Go, we were just all a bit tired and needed to recharge).  Once inside Glen got us into the VIP section and we settled in for a really good set from Smash Mouth.  I’d say they’re a group that really does well live – you can see they’re comfortable in these kinds of venues – I only wish they had a bigger crowd to play off.

One thing they did that was sort of interesting was that they had a big screen behind the band and the audience could send text messages to it.Smashmouth 030

We sent Glen and Dori a happy birthday message and others in the crowd sent pictures of their dogs, greetings to each other, encouragements to the band and other such silliness.  It was pretty funny.

At one point a couple of female audience members ended up on stage with the guys, dancing.  Not hard to see why they were selected and they seemed to enjoy putting on a show for the audience (and the band).  Moments later a kid who looked about 7 ended up on stage too and they sent him back to the drummer, gave him a couple of drumsticks and let him join in on "Believer."  He was having fun and so were we.Smashmouth 045

Smash Mouth did play the expected stuff like "Then The Morning Comes" , "Walkin’ on the Sun" and "I’m a Believer."  In their encore they covered a couple of Van Halen songs before finally giving the audience a great rendition of what they were waiting for "All-Star".

Random Stuff

  • Glen – thanks for the VIP invites!
  • Dawn – good choice for after-show eats.  And yes, I did taste the lobster.  And don’t worry about dropping the bottle – seriously, no harm done, except maybe to your sleeve.
  • Hi Cat!  No need to be so picky, you look fantastic in all of the photos. (Yes, even when John is giving you and Dawn horns)
  • Jean – good to see you.  Best of luck in your new gig and stay in touch!


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