Friday Late…

O.K., I’m getting ready for bed but a couple of quick hits…

  • Congratulations to my cousin J.D. and his new bride Beth.  They got married today in Louisville, KY and I wish them a long and happy life together.
  • Good workout today – back and biceps on the weights (that’s my current focus) and then a good long swim.  I keep adding distance to my swim workouts with an eye towards Kona 70.3 next year.
  • I’m not going to Maui this weekend, but I will be there the weekend of September 14th and I’m increasingly excited about it. 🙂
  • Tomorrow is the orientation meeting for this year’s BC Endurance Marathon Training.  3PM at Church of the Crossroads near University and King (behind the old Varsity Theater).  If you’re interested in running or fitness walking at all, even if only recreationally and you don’t plan to do the marathon come on out.  It’s a GREAT group of people and a fun activity.  I’ll be there! (of course)

Funny how life is.  Out of dark moments sometimes come unexpected joys.

Good night all!


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