Sunday Isn’t Really a Day of Rest Around Here

A few little ramblings…

  • Have you ever stopped to think about something and then wished you hadn’t?  Yeah, me too. <sigh>
  • The Olympics are off and running.  Cat 006No pun intended.  I haven’t had the chance to watch any yet, but you can bet I’ll watch when Triathlon comes up next week.  I may catch an event or two before that too.
  • Happy birthday to Glen!  A hearty and enthusiastic group gathered to celebrate last night.  Dawn, Anthony, Cat and I (See photo at right) left at about 1AM and the party was still going.  Sadly this is about the best photo of me taken that night (that I’ve seen).  Cat looks great in all of them, of course.  Note to self: leave the camera at home when I’m tired.  And yes Glen, Tara’s dress was very cute. 🙂
  • Hau’oli la hanau (Happy Birthday) also to Sharon Nelson!  One of my favorite folks and a driving force behind getting my books published at the ABA.  I hope you and John had a lovely day.
  • One more happy birthday – to Jen Shiraki!  Sorry I couldn’t make an appearance at your party cutie, but thanks for the invite.  And yes, I do still have that Spanish chicken and rice recipe for you.
  • Break up the Kanakas!  We pulled off a 7 run victory over a very good Family Stones team today to run our record to 14-7.  We’re sitting solidly near the top of the standings in the league. I was 2-3 with a walk today and did fine at 1st.  We had a pretty solid game from top to bottom – Jason struck out looking but we batted around that inning and when he stepped back up to the plate he drove the first pitch he saw into the deepest part of left-center field for a two-run homer.  O.K.  You’re forgiven. 🙂
  • Speaking of pictures…my desktop wallpaper is now the finish line of the Disney Half-Marathon from last year.  (See
  • Disney Half 043

  • photo at left)  Just a little reminder.  Eyes on the prize.  My running training has been mediocre of late, but tomorrow BC Endurance Marathon Training starts up so that should hopefully help me get a couple of good weeks in before going to Anaheim.  At least my strength, bike and swim training is all going well.
  • This year I’ll be smarter about my heat preparation.  I’m definitely wearing my visor this year during the race, and sunglasses too.
  • Christine, Cindy, Alan, Vern and Holly are going to be joining us for marathon training again this year – that’s great news!  We’ll miss Marsha though. 😦  And Susan apparently moved to Chicago when I wasn’t looking. 😦


  • Denial can be comforting in the moment but eventually it runs out and reality has to be confronted.
  • Travel Schedule: Dallas Aug 25-27, L.A. Aug 27-Sep 1, Maui Sept 12-15, Tucson Oct 16-18…Indy at Christmas most likely.  And I’ll probably throw another neighbor-island weekend or two in there as well. 🙂
  • Future Travel: Phoenix in January, Boston in February, Seattle in March, Chicago in April and looking ahead to a possible spring trip to Australia.

Today’s Workout

Played softball this morning.  Leaving soon for a trip to the gym for weights (biceps and back) and swimming.  Tomorrow AM will probably do an easy run – tomorrow PM meeting the marathon group for our first evening run.  Tuesday morning will probably ride my bike to Ko’olina, do a ocean swim workout, then bike back – an almost 40 mile round trip bike in addition to a good swim.

Quote of the Day

An oldie but a goodie.  One I’ve actually used here before.  I’m reminded of it by events in my own life and from the movie "Talk to Me" which I saw (again) on HBO this weekend.

"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy."

       -Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.-


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