Bye Bye Wednesday

O.K. a few late Wednesday notes…

  • Running group was good today.  We just did a few miles; working on pacing, figuring out our groups, teaching the newbies how far a mile really was.  Productive.  Except…
    …my knees are starting to act up and get creaky on me again.  Both of them tonight; especially the right one.  I think I need to go back to wearing my sleeves for a bit.
  • After running group about 20 or so of us went over to Pasta Basta at Restaurant Row for dinner.  I got the Spinach Salad which was o.k.  I wasn’t crazy about how the flavors came together; it was a little too sweet for my tastes.  I think I might have enjoyed a little more vinegar.  But still, a nice salad and quite hearty.
  • More Words on Wii (similar to Monday): A friend asked tonight if the Wii really works.  I told her "Yes, as a video game it works.  As a piece of fitness equipment?  Not so much."  On some level anything that gets you up and moving is good.  The Wii is better than my PlayStation 3 from the standpoint that if I’m playing Wii Tennis I’m actually on my feet and having to move at least a little.  With the PlayStation I’m planted firmly on my okole. (that means "butt" for those of you non-Hawaii residents).
    Wii Tennis shouldn’t replace REAL tennis in your fitness routine.  If you skip a run to play Wii Bowling then you’re not gaining.  But if you would otherwise be sitting, watching TV, surfing the web, playing a regular video game then getting on your feet for a game of Wii Baseball is definitely better.  The Wii DOES get you on your feet and moving and that’s generally a good thing.

    Note: I do NOT yet have a Wii Fit.  I’m curious to see if that is as good as it promises to be.

  • I’ve seen the ads for "FlipSides" which promises to be half-cracker/half-pretzel and had wanted to try them for a while but never saw them in my stores.  Granted I didn’t really look that hard, but if I found myself on the cracker/chip aisle and remembered I’d look for them. This week I finally found some.  Glad I tried them, now I don’t have to try them again.  They’re alright; nothing special.  I’d rather have a cracker or a pretzel I think.

Tomorrow’s Workout

I’ll see how I feel in the morning; but I’d like to do a short-course run.  In the afternoon a trip to the gym is definitely on tap for weights and swim.

Quote for the Day

"If one advances confidently in the direction of her dreams, and endeavors to live the life which she has imagined, she will meet with success unexpected in common hours."
   -Henry David Thoreau-


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