Hola from Dallas

I’m at the Sheraton Arlington and I have to say…so far not much to say about Dallas.  My shuttle bus driver from the airport had plenty to say…he described Dallas as "Basically one big industrial park."  I think he may have just lost his "Convention and Visitor Bureau: Man of the Year" award.

The Sheraton Arlington is a good value, but be aware that unless you’re a Texas Rangers fan you’re going to be a long way from anything.  There isn’t any sundries store in the hotel and only one actual restaurant.  There’s a bar and a Starbucks/Pizza Hut thing as well but only one actual restaurant.  There are a couple of restaurants about a 10-15 minute walk away from the hotel and the hotel has a shuttle bus that will take you, for free, to a number of places within a 3 mile radius.  Still…if you’re used to a hotel with those services/facilities the Sheraton Arlington may feel a little isolated to you.

Another criticism of the Sheraton Arlington…the pool.  It LOOKS great.  It’s large, interestingly shaped, surrounded by landscaping and chaise lounges and shade.  It’s almost always empty.  I went down there on Tuesday evening with my swim gear intending to do a modest swim workout…got into the pool…and discovered that it’s only 2 feet deep.  About 85% of the pool, in fact, with the exception of one small pocket that that 3-5 feet deep, the rest of the pool is 2 feet deep and that means that as I swim my hand hits the bottom.  Basically it’s a giant wading pool, nothing more.

The Jacuzzi…long as we’re on the subject, isn’t bad but it’s, small, oddly shaped and needs more regular maintenance.  I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt now that their renovation is complete details like that will get more attention.

Next criticism: The shower.  The temperature controls were a tad imprecise and my first night there it took a LONG time to get any hot water going in the shower.  I had actually given up and settled on a tepid shower and was 2/3 of the way thru my shower before the water got hot.  Then once it was going it was challenging to find the right setting so that the water wasn’t scalding hot.  The temperature control only moved thru about 90 degrees range of motion (by design) and as a result the options for temperature seemed to be "Really cold, hot, really hot, crazy hot, Angelina Jolie."  I was looking for "Sort of hot"  and it took me 2-3 showers to figure out where that was on the dial.

On the plus side…the room was clean and nicely outfitted.  The bed was large and comfortable and the staff were excellent.  With the exception of the quirky, chatty, shuttle bus driver (whom I didn’t mind, but who might be off-putting to some guests) I would say that the staff at the Sheraton Arlington were as friendly and professional as any I’ve encountered in my travels.  From the front desk to the bellmen to the exceptional restaurant crew I found the staff to be outstanding and one of the best reasons to stay there again.

The only meal I ate in the restaurant was breakfast (twice) and both times it was quite good and reasonably priced.  The staff of the restaurant, as above, was top-notch.  Friendly, attentive and welcoming.


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