Disney Half-Marathon Follow-up

When last we left our hero….he was rambling on endlessly about the Disneyland Half Marathon.  However, despite his lengthy post he (and by "he" I mean "I") managed to leave out a few points.  They are now presented for your consideration…

  • Thanks to Mom & Dad for their usual outstanding hospitality.  They’re the best reason for me to come to L.A.
  • Recollection from the race: A beefy shirtless guy loudly self-talking around Mile 3 and stopping to shake hands with the occasionally frightened looking little kids in the crowd.  We all self-talk, I think, to get us thru a tough run.  A little unusual to do it at full volume and only 3 miles into a half-marathon I think, but hey, whatever gets you thru.
  • Thanks to the great spectators along the course.  There were more cheerleaders (from various area high schools) than I remember from last year.  Also there were cheerleaders that were wearing uniforms from the Mighty Ducks and Angels, though they looked awfully young.  If not for the uniforms I might have thought them to be high school girls.
  • This year Disney’s course map was much better.  Closer to scale and with a reasonably accurate representation of where the water stops would be.


O.K., time for breakfast then off to LAX. 

P.S. Happy Birthday to my Dad!


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One Response to Disney Half-Marathon Follow-up

  1. Jana says:

    Happy birthday Dad and congratulations to a guy who brings class to the sport of running. Proud of you…

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