Maui Marathon: T-3 Days

A few notes on Maui…

  • It’s a little disconcerting that the course elevation chart from the Marathon folks and the one posted at USATF don’t match up.  Most disconcertingly is that the one at the Marathon site shows a very slight and gradual hill from mile 1 thru 4, while the USATF version shows a much more dramatic hill, in fact according to USATF’s site the mile 4 hill is the high spot on the course!  It also shows the hills in miles 10-12 as being much more dramatic and steep (up and down).  This is causing a little consternation in my race plan, but I think based upon my knowledge of the island and looking at the two maps that I’m going to trust the race organizers’ map over USATF.  I think USATF’s chart is generated by a script somehow and I don’t think it’s reliable.  Plus I doubt that the sugar cane fields are really higher than the Pali (cliffs). 

    But I’ll get to drive the course at least once, from the airport to my hotel on Friday, so I’ll pay attention to how the elevation changes appear.

  • This race looks like two very different runs linked together.  The first 12 miles (and especially the first 10) look reasonably hilly and rough.  The last 14 or so look flat and fast.  Plus the first 8 are inland while the last 18 are along the coast.  In getting my race plan together I’m getting the sense that how I feel at mile 10 is going to be pretty key.  If I can get thru those first hilly miles and feel good then I have a real shot at a good time because the last 16 miles are downhill or flat.
  • The previous races results haven’t been super fast, but that could just be because it doesn’t look like the top pros (i.e. the Africans) come out to run it.
  • I am a little concerned about the temperature.  I appreciate the 5:30AM start, but am very aware that the temperature range is expected to be 70-85.
  • I guess I’m about as ready as I can be.  I’m trying to adjust my sleep pattern a bit by getting up earlier (to prepare for my 2:15AM wakeup call on Sunday).  I’ve been carbo-loading and hydrating.  I’ve started to gather my gear.  I’ve studied the course map.  Coming off a big win at Disney I feel pretty strong and I think my training is good – though I haven’t run further than 14-15 miles in a while.

My Goals

Since people keep asking…

  • I’ll be very happy to be under 5:30.
  • I’ll be THRILLED to be under 5:25 (PR).
  • I’ll be satisfied with under 6:00 (since I’ve never done this course before and don’t know for sure what to expect)
  • I’ll be disappointed with more than 6:00.



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