Rock the Vote

It’s Election Day in America.  The day when we ask the two big questions…

  1. Who’s the best person for the job?
  2. Why aren’t they running?


Those questions fresh on my mind I set off around 9:15AM this morning to go vote.  It’s about 3/4 of a mile to my polling place at a nearby elementary school so I walked it.  Along the way I passed an enthusiastic group of sign-wavers supporting a local candidate.  I was hoping they won’t pay me much attention – I didn’t want to have to either lie to them or tell them I wasn’t voting for their guy.

Made it to the polling place, after a long pause at the pet store to watch the adorable puppies playing in the window box, there was a fairly big line. (for the polling place as well as the puppies)

The line moved fairly steadily, though, within 15 minutes or so I’d been given my ballot by the lovely lady at the table who called everybody "Dear" and "Honey" with a smile.  I was directed into an empty booth and commenced electing.

Paper or Plastic?

Yes, I opted for a paper ballot for two reasons:

  1. There was only a single electronic voting machine and 4-5 people in line.  There were a dozen or more booths for paper ballots and nearly half of them evidenced no feet under the curtain, indicating they were empty and available.
  2. I didn’t know if our voting machines offer paper receipts or not and if they don’t….then I want no part of them.  See here for an article I wrote on that subject.


Very Efficient

I definitely give credit to our poll workers though. Even with a healthy crowd and a steady line they kept things moving and I was in and out in probably under 20 minutes.  Not bad at all.  Good to see a lot of kids there too – folks brought their children to see the process.

On the walk home, two or three different folks hailed me, asked if I had just come from the school and, if so, how the lines were.  "Long but moving well" I said.  They smiled and continued towards the school.

Random Thoughts

  • Happy Birthday Jana!
  • Maybe I shouldn’t have bought candy I like for Halloween. I’m stuck with it but it’s disappearing fast.  Maybe next year I’ll get candy I *DON’T* like so that I can more easily just give it away.
  • Got a new washing machine this week – my old one had to go when it started setting off the smoke detectors. (Yes, really)

Picture of the Day

Tucson 025

Sunset in Tucson, AZ.



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