Honolulu Marathon: T-7 Days

O.K., one week from now I’ll be on the course getting my group through the Honolulu Marathon.  It’ll be my 8th Marathon and my 4th of the year.  I think I’m about as ready as I can be.  In fact, if there’s anything I’m not quite ready for, it’s my guest…

…Jana is coming to run the marathon and my guest room is not quite ready.  Guess what I’m working on today?  Yep, today’s workout is as follows:

  • 3×200 Vacuuming
  • 3 sets of laundry
  • 50xWiping Counters
  • 4xThrowing random clutter into boxes and hiding those boxes in the garage
  • Cool Down: Mow the lawn.

A few random thoughts…

  • Yellowbook has a commercial where a woman gets a video message from her boyfriend breaking up with her and telling her he needs to be alone, but in the background you see another woman in his house.  Her response is to go to YellowBook.com and look for "Personal Trainers."  I get where they’re going with the ad and it’s sort of cute but I couldn’t help but think that the message it sends is "He left you because you’re fat."  First of all, lousy message.  Secondly the actress in the ad doesn’t look fat to me – I sure hope there aren’t women who look like her who think they need to lose weight in order to have a guy.  In his case she’d be losing weight to have a jerk.
  • Speaking of commercials I think both Ford and Dodge are doing a good job with their truck ads lately.  Dennis Leary doing the voiceover of a largely animated ad for Ford is effective.  Dodge with their "DodgeChallenge.com" ads are good too – makes you want to tune in and see this crazy obstacle course.  Of course…I’m not trading in my Hybrid Escape anytime soon.  Not only does it get 36 miles per gallon in comfort but it’s paid for. 🙂
  • Biggest Loser is wrapping up soon.  Just two more episodes to go.  Been a controversial season with Biggest Loser fans having their first real villain to talk about in Vicky.  Interestingly Vicky’s blog at MySpace talks about how the editors are twisting her words and making her look bad.  I guess that’s possible, though it’s hard to believe.  They might be able to twist her words but that was clearly her celebrating when Phil got sent home.  That was her tacking the "Revenge" sign on her door after Brady went home.  That was her smirking at the camera constantly week after week.
  • Just as Biggest Loser wraps up…Top Chef warms up.  Hurray!
  • To those who’ve been asking…the Word book is coming along fairly well actually.  I’ve been making good progress lately.
  • Any fans of Adam-12 out there?  I used to watch it as a kid and have recently discovered full episodes, for free, with limited commercial interruption, at Hulu.com.  Yes, I’ve had it on while I write the book.  I’m halfway through Season 2 now.  One thing I notice is how simple and, sort of, square they are.  Maybe we’re just too used to the "sophisticated" cop shows we have today but on Adam-12 when they pull somebody over for speeding…it’s just speeding.  They aren’t drug kingpens.  On Adam-12 suspects usually don’t resist and when they do they’re fairly easily subdued.  One recurring theme on Adam-12 is anti-police sentiment.  A lot of the people the officers meet on the street are openly hostile to them – calling them "pig" and "fuzz".  I guess that was a reflection of the times, Adam-12 was on the air at the end of the 60s.  But you know..the show stands up pretty well!  Maybe it’s just nostalgia on my part but I still enjoy it, even in all of its simplicity. 


Quote of the Day

"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."

-Anais Nin-


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One Response to Honolulu Marathon: T-7 Days

  1. Ken says:

    Hey! I was a big fan of Adam-12, and also of Emergency. Both Jack Webb shows, I think. I’ll have to check out the episodes on Hulu… it will be interesting to see what I think now compared to what I thought way back when…

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