Arizona Marathon: T-16 Days

Hmmm…I guess I need to start thinking about tapering.  Or maybe just taper my thinking.  Dunno.

For now, no rest for the weary…

…tomorrow morning I’ll get up and do another 7.  It’s still about tempo runs for me, trying to train my body to be comfortable at my target pace, instead of the pace I built my base at.

Careful What You Read

Nothing like reading other blogs and training books to make me feel more out of shape and slow.  Let’s face it, at my age and size I’m not going to be challenging the course record any time soon.  And it seems like most of the people who blog or write about running are all running in the 3 hour range.  Fact is, I’ll be running Arizona in the 3 hour range too…at 3 hours I’ll be somewhat more than halfway done and still running!

I also enjoy a good book on racing and/or training and recently flipped thru Rod Cedaro’s book looking for tips on swimming.  I love how they give you sample workouts to start off with: "Swim 4×1000 Meters…"  Ummm…I do 1500-2000 meters and I’m pretty much done.  Where is the workout that gets you TO the beginner level?


Well, hey, I may be slow, but at least I’m out there.  And I can redeem myself a little on the bike.

Off to bed for me now.


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