Monday Monday

A few random ramblings to catch up…

  • The eHarmony and folks are awfully persistent.  They’re STILL sending me e-mails, even though my accounts at both were canceled in mid-January now that I’m happily in a relationship.  I’ll have to check to make sure they aren’t still charging my credit cards.
  • While hanging out at Barnes & Noble on Sunday I read "Little Known Facts About Disneyland" which was pretty neat.  Among the facts cited:
    • The guy who has done the voice of Mickey Mouse for about the last 25 years and the woman who has done the voice of Minnie Mouse for roughly the same amount of time…are husband and wife in real life too.
    • The woman who played the part of Tinkerbelle at the beginning of the fireworks show and slid down the wire high above the park for the very first show…was 71 years old at the time.
    • There are two food items that are not sold within Disneyland: Alcohol and gum.  Walt Disney hated stepping on gum in amusement parks so while you can bring your own gum into the park, they won’t sell you any inside.  Alcohol is officially not sold; though it actually is sold inside Club 33 (the private club located quietly above Pirates of the Carribean.
    • Pirates of the Carribean is the most visited ride in the park.
    • From 1995-2000 the Disney employee manual forbade male employees from having facial hair.  That means that Walt Disney, who sported a moustache, would not have been allowed to work at his own park.
    • Disneyland is located within the city of Anaheim.  There are more officers in the Disney security force (most of them plain-clothes) than there are in the Anaheim Police Department.

Races and Running-type Stuff

My training for Kona Half-Ironman is officially underway.  Did a long swim yesterday in which I covered the full distance of the race (1.2 miles) and did so in well under the cut-off time. (Yes, that was a concern for me).  The fact that I can do that already, when I still have 12 weeks+ of training to do is very encouraging.  That was an ocean swim; I’ll be in the pool tomorrow for some drills after weight-lifting.

Today I took Keira (that’s what I’ve named my bike) out for a quick ride.

Good thing I’ve resumed training in earnest because today I registered for THREE more races this season:

    • The Waterfront Triathlon (formerly Iroquois Point Triathlon).  It’s a USAT-sanctioned sprint-distance race that will be a nice tune-up before Kona.  Plus it’s almost shouting distance from my house so I sort of have to do it.  (Seriously.  It’s about a 5 minute drive from my front door.)
    • Haleiwa Metric Century Ride.  O.k., technically this is a ride and not a race; but the 62 mile ride along the North Shore should be another good tune-up before Kona.
    • Chicago Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon.  It’s August 2nd and I’ll be in Chicago anyhow to speak at the ABA conference the day before.  It’s a month after Seattle Marathon and a month before Kauai…but heck, it’s only a half and should be fun.

So now I have Haleiwa Metric Century Ride on April 26th, Kona Half-Ironman on May 30th, Seattle Rock-n-Roll Marathon on June 27th, Chicago Rock-n-Roll Half-Marathon on August 2nd and (probably) Kauai Marathon on September 6th.  Wow.

O.K., back to work…


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