What I Learned About Life From Playing Solitaire

The other day I was waiting for something and to kill time I decided to play a little Solitaire on my SmartPhone (as I sometimes do when I’m stuck somewhere with nothing else to do).  I play Vegas rules so after three passes thru the deck you’re done, and I had reached the end of my third pass and it looked pretty bleak.  But then, just as I was about to give up, concede the loss and click "New Game" to deal again, I saw a tricky move I could make.  Pulled this card to here, moved that card to there, ooh, that opened up a column…pretty soon cards are moving all over the place and whaddya know….I won.

What does this have to do with life?

In late December things looked pretty bleak for me in my personal life.  Without going into details (those of you who need to know, already do) I had come to realize that certain things I’d been wanting to happen in my life just never would and maybe it was time for me to give up and resign myself to the loss.  It was a dark time and I didn’t see much hope for light. But then around New Years I decided, hey…what if I tried this and that and the other?  And one of those things was taking the step of inviting to lunch a young woman I’d been corresponding with since August.  She said "Yes" and suddenly things are looking a heck of a lot brighter and more hopeful…

Well, whaddya know, after several lunches and dinners and movies….I won.


And the lesson?

I’m going to spare you the "You’ll find love when you least expect it" platitudes.  I think that’s usually just something people say to try and make lonely people feel better.  (No offense to the many of you who have been saying it to me for far-too-many months.)  I’ve never walked into a room and said "Golly, I think I’m going to find love in here!"

No, what I learned is that, in the words of Yogi Berra, "It ain’t over ’til it’s over."  Before you throw in the towel and resign yourself to just being alone and sad, take a step back, take another look, and make sure you aren’t missing something.  So things may not go the way you planned.  Maybe that job or that house or that person that you thought was going to be your future isn’t going to work out after all and you may well and rightfully be pretty sad about that.  But…maybe there’s something (or someone) else that you hadn’t really considered before.

In my case life isn’t going to go the way I hoped it might.  But guess what…something new and unexpected happened and it’s wonderful and exciting.

I won. (And I hope she did too!)


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