The Long-Overdue Update….

O.K., I’ve been bad about updating lately so here’s a quick highlights post…

Home Life

Things with Carrie are still going great.  In fact tonight we went to Outback Steakhouse for a little treat since we both finished our major manuscripts and, well, just wanted a treat.  Afterwards we stopped off at the new Target store in Kapolei to check it out (and buy a few things). Two bits of related info/trivia

  • The company that owns Outback Steakhouse isn’t remotely Australian.  They’re based in Tampa, Florida and they also own Fleming’s Steakhouse, Roy’s Hawaiian-Fusion Cuisine and Carrabba’s Italian Grill (among other things).
  • The Target store in Kapolei (and it’s sister in Aiea) are the first two Target stores in Hawaii.  Despite the economic troubles right now Target is STILL opening something like 5 new stores a month in the U.S. this year and the one in Kapolei was both busy and looking a bit “picked over” tonight.  A good sign that folks are still shopping and spending, at least in Kapolei.

So how well are things going with Carrie?  Well, she’s sitting 5 feet to my left right now with Marshall in her lap while she works on some data for work.  🙂



Work is going pretty well.  We’re busy and have some interesting projects in the pipeline.  We recently let somebody go, but it wasn’t a layoff and we are looking at it as an “open position” that we’ll eventually fill, as opposed to an eliminated position.

My second book “The Lawyer’s Guide to Microsoft Word 2007” has gone off to edit and will hopefully be in print before my birthday.  I’m already looking ahead at the third book and will probably start the first draft of that manuscript in the next week or two.

One reason I haven’t had as much time for my personal blog is that I’ve been blogging more for work.  That’s keeping me fairly busy and will hopefully translate to even more business.

Also, I’ve started Twittering for work.  I figured I’d give it a try.  Not sure I’ll stick with it or not but in just a couple of weeks there are 76 people who think I’ve said something worth following.  @bschorr if you’re interested.


My training has been a little stop/start lately.  I’ve been ocean swimming every week.  Running sporadically.  Haven’t been on the bike as much as I’d like but plan to remedy that.  Gym…well, I still remember where it is.  Probably.

I have to keep working on my training though because my race schedule is unforgiving.  Next Sunday I’m participating in the Waterfront Triathlon at Pu’uLoa (Formerly “Iroquois Point Triathlon”) which, though it’s just a sprint-distance and I’m mostly just hoping to beat last year’s time, is still a multi-sport event that will require me to put out a good effort.

After this I have the Haleiwa Metric Century ride on April 26th – that’s a 100K bike ride that I’m hoping to use as a good tune-up for Kona.  Speaking of Kona…

Ironman 70.3 Hawaii as it’s officially called looms large on my calendar: May 30th.  That will be my biggest challenge of the year and the first time I’ve attempted the “half-ironman” distance.

After that…it’s off to Seattle on June 27th for the inaugeral Seattle Rock-n-Roll Marathon.  Many of you already know this because many of you (Patricia & John, Maureen, Sandi…) are coming to do the same race!  Should be a heck of a party; not sure I’ve ever run a race (other than Honolulu Marathon) with so many other friends.

After Seattle my next race is another Rock-n-Roll event…the Chicago Half-Marathon on August 2nd. I figured I’d be in town anyhow and it should be a great event.

Then Jill and a bunch of other friends are talking about going over to Kauai to do the Kauai Marathon on September 6th.  Haven’t finalized that one yet, but it looks likely.

THEN…first week of November is the New York City Marathon.  Yep, the world’s largest marathon.  Entry is mostly by lottery and I’ve already tossed my name in.  I’ll find out in a month or three if I got drawn – if so, I’m off to run the NYC Marathon.

FINALLY (maybe) is my home race: The Honolulu Marathon.  If all goes to this plan that would make FIVE marathons this year (I already did Arizona back in January).

So yeah, I’ll be fit…but really tired.

FAQ: No, Carrie is not a runner.  But she is a bicyclist and a competitive paddler who has done the Na Wahine O Ke Kai (Moloka’i channel crossing) and expects to do it again this year.



As you might guess with all those races and with a busy work schedule, I have a lot of travel coming up.  Wow, do I.  (Some dates tentative)

  • Chicago: April 1-6.  I’ll be in town to speak at TechShow, then off to Indiana to visit my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and my “sister”, her husband and their new baby.
  • Montreal: April 18-21.  I’ll be there to speak at LegalIT.
  • New Orleans: May 12-17.  LPM Spring Meeting.
  • New York/Connecticut: June 13-18.  Going to our friends Adrienne & Chris’s wedding with a stop off at the USS New Jersey and dinner with my cousin Meredith (and perhaps Marjorie too!).
  • Seattle: June 25-28 for the Seattle Marathon and visits with friends.
  • Chicago (Yes, again): July 14-18.  LPM Meeting for TechShow 2010; followed by another visit to my grandparents and family.  Hopefully Carrie will be along this time to meet the family.
  • Chicago (Yes AGAIN): July 31-August 4.  Speaking at ABA Annual Meeting, then running the Chicago Half-Marathon (see above) and perhaps some more family visits.
  • St. Maarten: Oct 13-17.  LPM Fall meeting for TechShow 2010.

Delta Airlines, Sheraton Hotels and Avis Rent-A-Car are all very happy right now.


Farewell to Chief Bill Snively, a good friend. (Sept 14, 1931-Feb 28, 2009)

Today we attended a memorial service for Bill Snively, a Navy chief and one of my fellow tour guides aboard the USS Missouri.  Bill was a good friend and a terrific guide who really epitomized for me what a Navy chief is.  Knowledgeable, straightforward, quick to tell you what he thought and just as quick with a smile or a joke.  Bill’s service was attended by over 100 (I’m estimating) folks who knew and loved him and there were many more who I’m sure wished they could have been there.  After military honors (including a 21-gun salute) from a Navy honor guard his ashes were scattered over the side of the Missouri into Pearl Harbor, and then all present tossed flower petals over the side as well.  It was a truly moving honor for a very deserving man.

IMG_1965  004 007

O.K., that’s all for now.  Back to work for me…


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