Waterfront Triathlon – T-12 hours

O.K., so I’m getting ready for tomorrow’s Waterfront Triathlon.  It’s just a sprint-distance race so I’m not too concerned with the distances but I really would like to be faster than I was last year.  In particular I want to have a good swim and a good run – the bike I’m not so concerned with.  I glanced back at last year’s results to see how I did – and remembered that last year I took it pretty casually.  Shouldn’t be a difficult time to better.  One thing I notice about the results from last year, though, is that they go by total time and that there are a couple of people who have no recorded time after the swim who mysteriously have a total time.  Fault in the timing?  People who never crossed the timing mats?  People who DNF’d?  Don’t know, but it’s odd.

I am going to wear my BlueSeventy suit tomorrow for the swim.  For a while I was having a mental lapse and thought the swim was only 400m and figured why bother.  But the swim is 750m.  Not a huge distance (I do almost 3 times that every weekend) but far enough that it’s worth wearing the swimskin.

So how did I spend the day before?  Hanging out with Carrie and Marshall, of course!  Started our day with a fun walk to the park.

Carrie 005 Carrie 006

And what do fierce little dogs do after a brisk morning of scampering and frolicking?

Carrie 015


Simply Organized

After the park we went to “Simply Organized” a new store in Kapolei that intrigued us both.  We both LOVE to be organized.  We walk in the door and it’s a huge, clean, modern store just filled with stuff to organize your closets, garage, office, kitchen, etc.  But what catches my eye fairly early is a rack near the door where they are selling cupcake carriers.  Yes, big, plastic, covered trays for transporting cupcakes.  Big trays – the size of laser printers.  And they have nearly FORTY of these things.  My initial reaction is…wow…are there forty people in this town who bake their own cupcakes and have trouble carrying them?

So we continue through the store.  They’ve got plastic containers for everything you can imagine.  Food storage, laundry, organizing your socks, hanging up your tennis racket.  I notice they have refill packages of “DampRid” (stuff you put in your closet to cut down on the humidity from your shower) and I need more so I pick one up.  I notice the $6.99 price tag for the 42oz bag but I’m going with it.  Stay tuned…we’ll get back to that.

Generally I like the store.  Love the organization, they’ve definitely got a lot of selection.  But I can’t help that notice that nothing in there really seems like a bargain.  Every little plastic tray is $20, $30, $40.  They have a cool three-bin trash can, for trash and recycling etc, but it’s $130 or something.  What I’m looking for is a plastic basin that I can use at the transition tomorrow to rinse my feet.  Oddly, I DON’T really find one of those.  That’s o.k., KMart is across the street and surely they’ll have one.

Finally, after passing two MORE displays (including an endcap) of cupcake carriers (brings the total to 52 or so) we decide to check out.   $7.32 (including tax) for the bag of DampRid.  Across the street we go…

…at KMart we’re strolling up an aisle and happen to pass their display of DampRid.  42 ounce refill bag…$3.99.  Yes, the exact same thing I bought barely 500 feet away at the Simply Organized store, half the price.  I get that KMart buys this stuff by the container load and can afford the discount.  But really…I have to wonder how long Simply Organized is going to stay in business if most of what they sell you can buy for half the price across the street.  AND there’s a brand new Target store half a mile away.

Simply Organized needs to figure out a business model soon.  If they’re counting on sales of Cupcake Carriers to keep them afloat…

On the way home we stopped at Hapa Grill for some yummy cheese bread and salads. Mmmmmm.

So Proud of Her!

Carrie found out today that she’s been accepted to attend a workshop on careers in Geosciences in Las Vegas in a couple of months.  It’s a big deal and something she’s really excited about.

O.K., shortly off to bed.  Gotta get up at 0500 to make the very short trip over to the starting line for the race tomorrow.


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