Nine Things in Ten Minutes

1. Marathon Training

Going great!  I have a huge group (35 or so), some capable group leaders with me, and we’re about to swing into week 4 of the training.  That group is great for me because it forces me to do the long slow miles that I have a hard time doing on my own.  When I run by myself I tend to push into race tempo, which is fine but I also need to make sure I get those long base miles to build my endurance for New York Marathon.  Just 62 days away!

In addition to running 3 days a week with my group, I tend to run 2 days on my own, plus I run to and from our Monday and Wednesday workouts so I add on an extra 4.5 miles on those days.  All told I’m getting about 30 miles a week right now, but starting to push that up towards 40 with some longer runs.

Additionally I’m biking at least once a week, trying to get back to swimming at least once a week, restarting Bikram Yoga on Thursdays and I started back to the gym last week.  Which brings me too…

2. Rumors That I May Be Crazy Are Probably True

Yes, I can confirm that I will probably be attempting the Ironman Western Australia 140.6 in December of 2010.  Yes, it’s a little crazy to think I would want to ride my bike for 112 miles and THEN run a marathon (oh, after swimming 2.4 miles in the ocean) but…yeah, I’m probably going to give it a go.

image It’s supposed to be a flat, fast, course, great for folks who are attempting their first 140.6.  And Carrie and I have always wanted to go to Australia.  So…yeah, now you know what I’ll be doing for the next 15 months.

(And yes, to the friend who asked, if I finish a 140.6 I will get the M-Dot tattoo)

I don’t have any idea if he announces that race, but I’ll admit it would be a dream come true to hear Mike Reilly call me an Ironman when I crossed the finish line.

3. Wow, We Have A Nice View

Which brings me to the new house.  We’re settling in, finally have most (but not all) of the boxes unpacked.  We still sit on the lanai every evening for a bit and just enjoy some quality time together (see picture).  We’ve definitely warmed up to the kitchen, figured out where the best neighborhood Chinese restaurant is and have started to narrow down our choice from between a dozen different area grocery stores.

Na Wahine 007

The one thing we HAVEN”T managed to do is catch a glimpse of the Hilton’s Friday Night fireworks.  In theory we should be able to see them.  We can see the Hilton pretty clearly from our lanai and we’re actually higher up than the top floors so we should be able to see a bit over the top of their buildings.

Unfortunately we keep seeming to miss the timing.  One night we stood out on the lanai, excitedly scanning the sky, at 7:45pm.  Nothing.  Another week we’d heard a tip they were at 8:15pm.  We waited.  Nothing.  Last week we waited again at 7:45pm and again nothing, but an hour later we were driving to a friend’s party and…there they were!  At 8:45pm!

So, if we can see them from the freeway, surely we can see them from our lanai. We just had to wait until 8:45pm!  This Friday night Carrie was at practice and I was in the living room.  I suddenly realized I was hearing the distinctive, though faint, “pop-pop-pop” of fireworks in the distance.  I scurried out onto the lanai and…they had stopped.  It was not even 8pm yet.

ARGH!  Next weekend we won’t get to see them (I’ll get to that in a moment) so I guess we have to wait two weeks for our next opportunity.

4. Kona, Here We Come

Next weekend we’ll be in Kona.  Carrie has a long paddling race to do and I’m going to bring Keira (my bike, if you didn’t know) and do some training rides on the Queen K.  We fly in on Friday night, we’ll check into the hotel, get dinner, go to her athlete’s meeting, then off to bed.  Saturday morning we’re up bright and early – she’ll be in the boat on the water with her crew and heading out in what is apparently one of the largest ocean canoe races in the world.  18 miles down the coast.  I’ll hop on Keira and ride down the coast and try to beat her boat to the finish line.  When she gets there, she’ll get into a car and ride back up to Kona, and I’ll ride the bike back again.

She gets the direct, but far wetter, route and goes 18 miles.  I’m on the roads, so I have to go about 22 miles.  Each way.  Good workout.

Saturday night apparently the paddlers, from all over the world, basically take over Kailua-Kona and every club and restaurant is rocking with partying paddlers.  That should be a blast!

Sunday morning I’m going to get up super early, put Keira in our Avis rental SUV and drive up to the Fairmont Orchid.  From there I’ll park the SUV and take Keira out for a ride on the Ironman 70.3 course.  Be good to see it again and, yet another good training ride.  Carrie has another race Sunday morning as well.  Sunday afternoon we’re planning to return to Hapuna Beach (scene of the Ironman 70.3 swim) for a short swim workout, then back to Kailua-Kona to enjoy some massages at one of the resorts!

Monday morning, we’re off to kayak and snorkel at Carrie’s favorite snorkel spot in the whole world.  Finally, hopefully not too sunburned, we’ll make our way back to Kona airport for our return flight home.  Ahhhh.

Thanks in advance to Gene for loaning me his bike box to get Keira over to Kona, by the way!  Looking ahead at my race schedule I’m thinking I may need to just buy one of those.

5. Direct Questions

Ran into a friend on my morning run today.  She asked me “So, are you going to marry Carrie?!”  Wow, that was unexpected. I smiled and said “Well, I hope to. imageMaybe I’d better propose fast before she realizes she can do better!”  🙂

6. It’s Almost Football Time!

As you may know, the San Diego Chargers are my team and I’ve been watching them, warily, this preseason.  We’re 1-2 but it’s just preseason.  Still…our pass rush is still noticeably absent (despite the return of Shawne Merriman) and there are some decisions to make before cut-down.

  • Gartrell Johnson is a powerful runner, but he doesn’t seem to have much of a top gear and I’m not sure we have room for 6 running backs.
  • Rivers and Volek look great.  Charlie Whitehurst…well, he’s struggled.
  • Nice to see Cromartie get a pick this pre-season. Hope that marks his return to 2007 form.
  • It’s a good thing Quentin Jammer is a good tackler because a lot of folks seem to catch the ball around him.
  • The right-side of our offensive line still seems suspect. 

7. The Next Book

Well, it’s almost time.  The ABA tells me that my next book “The Lawyer’s Guide to Microsoft Word 2007” should be released in September. Of course, it’s a mere 6 months ahead of the release of Microsoft Office 2010…which is why I’m already working on the next book after that!

The Outlook book is available at and doing well.

8. Races

You may have noticed I didn’t do race reports on my last two big races.  Sorry about that, sometimes life takes too much time for blogging.

First I did the Seattle Rock-n-Roll Marathon on June 27.  A couple of good friends, Patricia and John, were contemplating their first marathon and I agreed that I’d come do it with them if they signed up.  They did, so I did.  A great run, and they really did terrific.  I enjoyed it and by the end of the day they were Marathoners!

I told Patricia that after she did it that she’d want to do more.  She didn’t believe me.  But she’s already looking ahead at future marathons they can do. 🙂

On August 2nd I went to Chicago and ran the Chicago Rock-n-Roll Half-Marathon.  My “sister” Ashley and her husband Gabe came out to run that one too.  I managed a PR (Personal record) at the half-marathon distance, even though I think I could have run better.  Ashley and Gabe had a great finish too and afterwards we enjoyed the fruits of our labors with burgers at Ruby Tuesday.

9. Hau’oli La Hanau

Lastly…a quick “Happy Birthday” to my Dad, Morris.  Hopefully he’s celebrating in style!



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