Wednesday Wonderings

From The Department of City Plan-


Near Kapi’olani Community College is a park bathroom.  It’s large, clean and modern – just built a year or so ago.  I can’t vouch for the women’s room but the men’s room is divided into three very large rooms. The first room is the “foyer” of sorts and includes the sink and 1 urinal.  It is large enough to accomodate at least 2 dozen fellows standing.  As they would inevitably be because there are two dozen of them and just one urinal. 

Off that entry room, which is probably at least 15×30, are two other rooms.  One is a very large toilet stall.  Probably even larger than in needs to be to accommodate handicapped access.  It’s probably at least as large as the bathroom in my home, in fact. 

The second room is a large…well…changing room, I suppose.  It almost looks like it was intended to be showers, but nobody ever bothered to put in any fixtures.  There’s no toilet, no shower, just a bench and a couple of wall hooks for clothes and…that’s it.  This room is even larger than the toilet stall and serves no discernable purpose.

So, there you have it.  A fancy, expensive, public restroom.  It’s as large as a small apartment and contains ONE toilet, ONE urinal and one sink.  Has to be a contender for the least efficient use of floor space, ever.  I’ve been in restaurant bathrooms that were considerably smaller and yet managed to get in 3 urinals and at least two toilet stalls.

Across the street from our home is a water tank maintained by the Department of Water.  On the fence is a sign that reads: “Warning – Premises May Be Monitored By Video Surveillance.”  To me that’s like putting a sign on your house that reads “Caution – We Might Have a Guard Dog”.  Which usually means, we don’t have a guard dog, but we could.


Took yesterday off from training after three consecutive hard days.  Tonight we’re back at it, though my ankle isn’t too happy about it.   I don’t want to go TOO hard tonight because I’m hoping to get in a long run on Thursday night and be ready to go for long bike rides on Saturday and Sunday.

On the positive side I was finally able to get my hands on some “Gatorade Endurance Formula” which is the sport drink being served at New York Marathon.  It’s NOT the same as the regular Gatorade you buy at 7-Eleven so if you’re training for NYC Marathon too you should be aware of that.  I should be able to get in 6 good weeks of training with the Endurance Formula so I’ll know what to expect from it on race day.


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