Wow 2 Posts in 2 days!

Good thing this fellow is happy with his health care:

Man’s Finger Bitten Off in Scuffle at Health Care Rally

What’s interesting about this story is that some media outlets are playing up as “Crazy Liberal Obama-Fan Bites Finger Off of Peace-Loving Citizen”.  While that may not be entirely untrue if you read the WHOLE story you discover that the Peace-Loving Citizen punched the hungry protester in the nose first and that he lost the tip of his pinky finger in the ensuing scuffle.  Sounds like both sides need to open a tall can of “Get a Grip”.  Oh, sorry Mr. Rice.

Speaking of Fingers

Here’s a clever use of fingers in the UK.  Put-Pockets.  A publicity scheme by a mobile phone company – they’ve hired former pick-pockets to walk around putting money IN the pockets of unsuspecting pedestrians.


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