Windward 25K…Let’s See What Ya Got!

Heading to bed now – tomorrow morning is the Windward 25K, part of the Honolulu Marathon Readiness Series. Running 003

I’ve got all my gear laid out, rather a surprising production for such a relatively short race.    I’m really not racing tomorrow – I’m running it at the marathon pace of my training group, which is actually a bit slower than my own marathon pace.  That’s good though – training them has forced me to get in a lot of long slow miles that I really need but rarely get on my own.

Truth be told I expect to finish, then go back out on the course for some of the stragglers in my group and run them in as well.  That’s actually part of the plan because 25K is only 15.5 miles and I’d sort of like to get at least 18 in tomorrow as a workout in advance of New York Marathon.  I have one of the beginner groups again this year and most of them have never run 15.5 miles before.

But we’ll see what happens.  It may turn out that my group is all very strong tomorrow and there’s no need for me to go back onto the course.  If that’s the case, we’ll just adjourn to the post-race feast and be happy with it.

Good night all!


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