Why I Love My Kindle

For Christmas my girl got me an Amazon Kindle.  For those who don’t know the Kindle is an electronic book reader.  You download the text of books to it and you can read them on the screen.  It’s very thin and light and includes what they call “Global Wireless” so you can download books from just about anywhere.  It’s especially handy for folks who travel a lot (as I do) who don’t want to have to schlep a bag of books with them when they go.  You can load dozens of books on the Kindle and read them anytime you want.

Somebody suggest a book to you that you’re interested in?  There’s a pretty good chance you don’t have to schlep down to Borders to find it – you can probably locate it on the Kindle, buy it and download it wirelessly right there and then!  You can subscribe to magazines or newspapers and have them delivered, wirelessly, right to your device each day or week or month.

Now in honesty MY Kindle has spent most of it’s time sitting on the counter in our living room.  I’ve read a few things on it but so far it really hasn’t gotten a lot of use.  So my girl could be forgiven if she thinks that maybe I don’t like it.  But actually….I love it.

Why?  Because it’s the perfect gift for me.  I like gadgets.  I love books.  I travel a lot.  In theory a Kindle is the absolute perfect thing for me.  And my girl knew that.  And I love that she knew that and that she made the effort to get it for me.  Even if it has so far been only lightly used.

I’m pretty sure that in time my Kindle will get a lot more use.  But even sitting quietly, for now, and still nearly new on the counter, I love it.  And I love her.

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