Here Comes the Rain Again

Into the final month of training for Honu and the rain is trying to stall my training.  But it didn’t count on my secret weapon…

Triathlon 001Triathlon 002  Yep, that’s right, I finally took the advice of so many of my triathlete friends and got a bike trainer.  It’s a Blackburn Fluid trainer and it lets me get a bike workout in rain or shine, day or night.  No traffic lights, no oblivious motorists, no potholes.

If I only have a 20 minute break in my workday at least I can get 20 minutes on the trainer. Normally it would take me 10 just to get the bike ready to go – pump the tires, get my shoes, fill a water bottle, etc.  Now I can get in those sneaky little impulse workouts.

20 minutes here and 20 minutes there is not a replacement for a hearty 4 hour ride…but it’s still better than nothing.

One thing to know about the trainer, though, is that even if you have one it’s still important to get out on the roads at least once a week. Why?  Because of those things you don’t get on the trainer, most notably bike handling skills.  On a couple of my recent road rides I got buffeted with cross-winds the nearly blew me into oncoming traffic.  Dangerous, yes, but I could see winds like that on race day.  Cornering, braking, dealing with winds and varying road conditions…all of these are issues you don’t have to deal with on the trainer but WILL have to deal with on race day.  So don’t spend all of your time on the trainer.

My bike training has been going pretty well, but I know how critical the bike segment is at Hawaii 70.3 (Honu) and so I’m still pretty nervous about it.  I’ve done a LOT more riding than last year (nearly 1,000 miles on the road and close to 7 hours already on the trainer I just got) but I’m still wondering if it’s enough.  Lot more hills this year, I should be a better rider on a better bike (upgraded with SRAM components)…but you just never know on the day.

Here’s hoping…

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