Is Our Children Learning?

2010-05-26 09.03.32 Hawaii has an education crisis.  Our public schools already have some of the worst test scores in the nation and we have the fewest instructional days and the fewest instructional hours (short days) in the nation.  Then our state legislature, in their finite wisdom, decided to save money by cutting a dozen or so Fridays (“Furlough Fridays”) out of the schedule so they could get away with not paying teachers and other staff those days.  The fact that the kids now got even fewer days of school apparently didn’t cause them enough concern.

Now the Governor’s office is trumpeting the fact that they’ve figured out a way to put those days back on the schedule.  Whoopdie-do.  Congratulations we’ve fought ourselves back from atrocious to merely embarrassing.

Is our children learning?  Apparently no, they isn’t.

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One Response to Is Our Children Learning?

  1. William says:

    You wish you guys were as bad as Nevada. Pblltltltltlt!

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