Ironman Austin 70.3 – Night Before

Hay is in the barn I guess.  Gear is laid out, Keira is checked into T1.  I keep looking around wondering what else there is to do, but I guess it’s just about waiting, resting and getting mentally ready for tomorrow.

Everything that can be favorable seems to be favorable – nice flat lake swim, last swim wave, Keira is riding beautifully, not a super hilly bike course, 2 loop run.  I have some target times in mind for each segment and we’ll just have to see how that turns out.


  • I’m really getting tired of eating generic chain food.  IHOP, Romanos, Chili’s…and unforutnately not even the vaguely interesting things from those chains. Playing it safe and conservative with my eating this week – not taking a chance on some gumbo from a local place only to find out it makes me ill. Thankfully after tomorrow’s race I don’t have to play it safe any more and I can take a chance on an interesting looking local restaurant.
  • The other athletes here at Austin have been really friendly.  I’ve enjoyed meeting and chatting with them at various stores, events and places.
  • At the athlete’s meeting today they really emphasized keeping your torso covered during the race. I assume they meant no racing bare-chested and won’t get upset when I peel my swimskin down to my ribs in order to get my heart rate strap on in T1 before pulling it back up to bike.
  • This is the first race I’ve done where the bike race number was printed on a long sticker, which we were to place over the top tube and stick together beneath the tube so it hangs down.  Unfortunately it’s hard to do that and not stick it over your brake cables. I prefer the plastic bike numbers we attach with zip ties.
  • Last set of acknowledgements – thanks to Elizabeth, Andy, Amber, Andrea, Eric, mom and dad, Sandi, Lora, Hannah and all the rest who have lent words of support.  I really do appreciate all of you!
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