Hello World

  • George W. Bush says the worst moment in his presidency was when Kanye West called him a racist.  Really?  It wasn’t the morning that 3,000 human beings died in a terrorist attack on U.S. soil?  Really? It wasn’t when he sent thousands more young Americans off to die in Iraq?  Really?  It was Kanye West calling him a name.  O.K.
  • Flagstaff Unified School District is about to send out letters to parents whose children are deemed obese (or on their way to obesity).  No word on how many of those parents will be able to still read the letter after they wipe the ketchup drippings off it. 
  • Police in Boise, Idaho have arrested a woman who allegedly gave breast exams to several women at bars and nightclubs while claiming, falsely, to be a doctor.  Amazing, so walking up to a girl in a club and saying “Do you want a breast exam?” actually WORKED for somebody.  In a related story, male enrollment at Boise State University has just jumped 50%.
  • A reporter is looking for suggestions on how you can use countertop appliances in surprising ways to get holiday dinner on the table.  My suggestion: call a friend who is a good cook and tell them if they’ll cook holiday dinner for you that you’ll give them a nice blender.
  • I was in a WalMart the other day (don’t ask) and heard a guy loudly boasting to his friends that he never loses a fight. Doesn’t seem like the sort of thing you’d want to announce so loudly in a store full of people buying beer and UFC t-shirts.
  • A semi-truck spilled a huge load of frozen salmon on the road near Fishtrap (yes, really) Washington.  The driver said he swerved to avoid hitting an animal. Somewhere in the woods just outside of Fishtrap there is a bear getting a LOT of high-fives from his pals.

Training Update

Training is going fairly well, though I was slowed a bit this week by a slightly pulled muscle in my back.  At this point I’m getting on the bike about 5 times a week (3-4 of them on the trainer in the garage, due to weather), swimming 3 times a week and doing at least 3 runs a week. 

When my back gets to 100% I’ll start incorporating more core strength work (hopefully to prevent a recurrence of the back issue) (and maybe to get some sexy abs again too).

Technically I’m training for L.A. Marathon in March, but really Ironman Texas is still looming large on the horizon so everything I do is really focused on Texas.

On Saturday I drive down to Tempe to volunteer at Ironman Arizona 2010.  The volunteering all day on Sunday should be exciting and sensible.  Looking forward to seeing a lot of the top pros like Chrissie Wellington, Matty Reed, Linsey Corbin, Chris Lieto and Rasmus Henning out on the course.

On Monday I get to do something exciting and not very sensible…sign to compete in Ironman Arizona 2011.


Our holiday planning is coming into focus.  For Thanksgiving we’re going to drive up to Vegas and spend the holiday with Carrie’s brother Eric and his wife Amy. 

For Christmas Carrie has some time off (benefits of being a teacher) so we’re going to re-visit Vegas, then go up to Oregon to visit her Dad, Mom, grandmas and some friends.  It’ll be my first visit to Oregon so I’m glad to have the local tour guide along.  Especially one so charming. Smile

After Oregon we’ll head down to L.A. to visit my parents.  We’ll be in town for a couple of days  (including Carrie’s birthday!) before heading back to Vegas to pick up our car and begin the drive back home to Flagstaff.

And that’s the news…

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