Reports of My Death Have Been Slightly Exaggerated

Today I’m coming to you from NyQuil Central – sadly both Carrie and myself have been battling with a cold for the last couple of weeks.

Aside from being rather unpleasant and slightly disruptive to our routines (and not terribly sexy that every time we kiss one of us has to turn our head to cough) it’s also thrown a big wrench into my marathon training.

As many of you know I’m doing the L.A. Marathon in…15 days. But for the last two weeks I’ve barely run a step, since I can’t really get from here to there without hacking up a lung.  Hopefully having rested legs will compensate for my unexpected lack of training.

On a positive note I’m feeling about 85% today. So I’m optimistic that tomorrow I might actually be able to get out for a short run.  We’ll see.

Virgin America

I’ve just returned to Flagstaff from the annual Microsoft MVP Summit – held in Redmond, WA roughly every year (like all good annual events are).  I chose to take Virgin America airlines this trip for the first time.  I guess I was a Virgin virgin you might say. Right off they didn’t get off to a great start – my first flight from Vegas to San Francisco was delayed by about an hour.

Things looked up after that, though…when I got aboard I found that they had 110V power outlets at EVERY seat. A boon for those of us travelling knowledge workers who didn’t want to sit on the floor in an airport terminal next to the only power outlet we could find.

VA also features a pretty nifty video system at every seat with on-demand movies (you have to pay for that in most of the economy seats) or live satellite TV (which is free). Tres suave!  Reminded me a bit of the video system I enjoyed so much on Emirates Air.  I can only hope that the other airlines will follow suit.

It does seem like I’m getting bigger in my old age though. On the return trip from Seattle to San Francisco I was in 14F, a window seat, and it was so cramped that I honestly couldn’t lean forward more than a few inches and the contortions I had to go through to reach my briefcase (under the seat in front of me) would have impressed Cirque Du Soleil.  Either they’ve placed their seats mere inches apart or I’m now 6’7”.

I’ve noted that for future flights – I think it may actually be worth spending the little bit extra for their “Economy Select” option that gets your checked bag on for free (a $25 value) and gets you a seat with enough room to put your tray table down without having to recline your seat.  Also the outbound flights (where I was in Economy Select) the on-demand movies were free – I suspect that’s another benefit of Economy Select.  For longer flights that would be worth it.

All in all, I liked Virgin America.  If nothing else the power outlets make them worth the choice if the fares are otherwise nearly equal.

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