I Went For A Run

I know, most of you are thinking “Whoop-dee-do Mr. Marathon Triathlete.”  But you have to realize…I haven’t run a step outside since mid-February.  Since the black plague descended upon our home and reduced Carrie and I to miserable coughing Dayquil addicts.

But today, finally, I pulled on my running gear (including a handkerchief in my pocket), and set off for a cautious trial on my short course (basically a two mile loop).  I felt like a newborn doe as I started to trot on legs that haven’t run a step outside in 3 weeks.  As I trotted along in the sunlight every breath was an adventure – I was just waiting to explode in the all-too-familiar coughing fit.  But happily the occasional cough was just occasional.

My legs felt weak, atrophied.  But they kept going.  My breathing was a little tentative and labored, but not painful.  My pace was a little slower than I’d like, but…at least I was running.

When I got home, relieved. I chased a short Robitussin with a short orange juice. I’m not fully better yet.

Tomorrow: 3 miles and maybe a swim.

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