Happy 5th of July!

A few random thoughts…

1. Is it really necessary to say “An unknown shooter took out a gun and opened fire,” If he’s a shooter and he’s “opening fire” I think we can assume he’s got a gun.

2. I love how some of the gossip sites and mags love to run specials like “Newly Single Celebs!” It’s important to know which “celebrities” (most of whom I’ve never heard of) are single because, you know…you might have a shot with one of them.

3. Speaking of celebrities, I love how they let celebrities out of jail just days our hours into their sentence and claim “Overcrowding” as the reason. Seriously? They aren’t putting Lindsay Lohan into general population – she’s got the special “VIP wing” at the jail.  How crowded could it be? Is Paris Hilton in there hogging the bed?  If it really is an overcrowding issue why is it the rich celebrity girl who gets kicked loose after 84 minutes in jail and not the inner-city girl who got arrested for the same crime but has been there a week?

4. There was a certain irony to having to pick up littered pieces of paper that said “Friends of Flagstaff’s Future” on them after yesterday’s 4th of July Parade. Hopefully Flagstaff’s future includes people who can find a trash can for those bits they wish to discard.

5. We got a dog. Or he got us; not sure.  His name is Sam and we adopted him from a rescue place in Scottsdale after meeting him at the “Pets in the Pines” event here in Sam in the carFlagstaff.  So far I can say he has the sweetest disposition. He’s very affectionate and playful. He rarely barks and has taken to some simple commands like Sit, and occasionally Stay, pretty well. Seems likely that whomever his previous people were they did do some training with him before he separated from them.

The folks from the rescue farm (http://www.fedwellfarm.com/) said he was on the “Euthanize List” at the nearby pound when they found him and took him in – just hours before he was to be put down. We’re awfully glad they saved him (though our cats aren’t so sure yet) because he’s been a wonderful addition to our family.

6. We’re on the verge of “cutting the cable”.  We’ve just ordered a “Rikomagic MK802” which is a tiny Android/Linux computer which we can connect to our TV and our wireless Internet and use to stream media, movies, TV, music and more. Once we have it working and are happy with what it offers us we’re going to disconnect our “DirectTV”. Turns out the cost of the MK802 is about the same as one month of DirectTV and the reality is…we don’t watch that much television. We’ve discovered that nearly every show we watch is already available, sometimes on a slight delay, via the Internet. We have NetFlix, we have Amazon Prime, we can go to Hulu and these days pretty much every TV station (HGTV, Bravo, NBC, etc) has their own websites where they stream episodes of their shows.

So…we’re going to give it a try.  If it works out the way we hope, we’ll save several hundred dollars a year.

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