Hopalong Update

First of all thanks to all who have called, texted, IM’d and e-mailed to ask about my foot.  I’m really humbled by your concern.

As it turns out the early prognosis is…I’m o.k.  I’ve had the toes taped all day, haven’t taken any pain meds, and while I’ve had a little occasional discomfort today for the most part I’ve been able to walk (albeit a little mindfully) without any significant pain.

Tomorrow I’ll have a normal day, but with no running or biking, and Tuesday morning I’ll evaluate it and see if I feel up to taking a short, easy, jog.  If I do and the short, easy, jog goes well then I’ll join my team for the Wednesday night workout and just take it easy in the workout.

With any luck I’ll be back to my normal training schedule when I return from Vegas a week from tomorrow.

Hopefully this shouldn’t impinge upon my gym workouts since I’m only really doing upper body right now anyhow.  I should be at the gym for biceps and back tomorrow evening – schedule permitting.

Training and Nutrition

Let me talk for a moment about nutrition, since I’m mentioning training.  Last night and today I got to eat with John and Patricia, which was great.  Last night I decided to drown my sorrows in a New York steak and today we were at Dixie Grill and I figured a bacon-cheeseburger was only the appropriate thing to do. 

As long-time readers of my blog (i.e. my mother) know, my diet philosophy is that I allow myself the occasional splurge as long as it’s the exception rather than the rule.  So, I don’t really feel bad about the steak and the burger.  Especially considering the rest of my food both days has been quite modest – even with the steak dinner I probably didn’t have a very high calorie or high fat day yesterday.  Yogurt for breakfast, no soda during the day, some lite popcorn (and not all of it) during the afternoon as a snack, a smoothie from Jamba Juice etc.  Today yogurt for breakfast again, some popcorn during the Chargers game, lunch then tonight probably just some rice for dinner.

So those two meals really won’t hurt me too much.  But I do have to say that I was sort of surprised that I didn’t come away from those meals feeling like I’ve been missing much.  Cheeseburgers are a once-a-week (if that) thing for me these days and more and more often I find that I just don’t crave/miss them as much as I used to.  Maybe my body is getting used to operating on salads, rice, chicken, wheat toast and so forth?  Heck, I think I might have gone 2 days last week without eating any meat.

That’s a good thing and will only continue to help my training and my diet.  It’s probably why I’m back under 216 pounds again and continuing to lose weight.  Yes, I’m sure I will still eat meat.  Yes I will still enjoy the occasional steak.  But if I can have a day where I’m eating primarily yogurt, rice and salads and feel satisfied so much the better.


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